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    I've got a 6x12 trailer now, and I thought I was looking for a 16'. I found a 16' that is pretty wide. It is a heavy duty trailer with brakes (mine dont have) it needs a new floor and some paint, tires look good and it pulls straight, 2 3500 pound axles. the price is 600.00 I would have to put the ramp on but that is not a problem. Problem is do I get the trailer or wait 3 months a get the 16 foot enclosed trailer that I really want. i could probably get by with the one I got but I would get more trade in on the 16 footer. Any help would be nice.
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    Id keep the one u have, u r gonna have to put some money into the 16' then trade it in. There not gonna give u much maybe a grand. Better off selling them on ur own and y be stuck wit two trailers that u need to sell.
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    If you really want the enclosed one then wait.

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