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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by archer39, Apr 26, 2011.

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    I have been looking around for a while for a walk behind and i really need one soon. The three that appeal to me are:

    2009 exmark viking 48" with 1500 hours for 2500 cash. The price seems a little high for 1500 hours. This is for sale at a friends work and is a trade in from the Brickman company. They trade in there equipment every 2 years and are serviced by Trumbauers where my friend works on a regular preventive schedule. If anything goes wrong with it in the first 50 hours of service they will cover it.

    Next is a 48" scag pro-v with 98 hours for 3500. Being sold at a local service center for a landscaping company that is phasing out mowing. looks to be in excellent condition.

    Next is a 48" scag pro-v with 190 hours for 3,999. This is a dealer demo with a full warranty.

    I worked for a lawn mowing company for 7 years and currently moved on to a office job. I am looking to buy such a mower for my grandmothers yard (2 acres with lots of rocks to go around) and about 5-10 other yards a week. I miss working outside everyday when i am sitting in the office. I have ran a lot of different types equipment in my 7 years working for the lawn mowing company. I only used a scag pro-v for about 10 hours when we had one as a loaner for a week but i differently like the controls of the pro-v a lot more. A cheaper belt driven mower probably make the most sense but i am spoiled using the hydro stuff for so long.
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    Prices are going to be higher now since the season has already started. The exmark seems to have too many hours. The scag you listed for $3500 seems to be decent. I found mine on craigslist before the season and got a great deal. Lot of junk posted on craigslist though. Some decent stuff on ebay too.

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