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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WilsonLawnCare, Jun 18, 2008.

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    Hi everybody, just a lurker here that has learned a lot about the lawn care business in the last year from this site. Here's our story briefly. My husband and I bought a lawn care biz from his brother in May of last year. We live in a small town in TX (pop 2300) 15 miles away from a 100,000+ pop city. My husband works full time and we just do lawn care in the evenings and weekends. We absolutely love it, but a dream job/dream house opportunity is in the works and we need to sell because we won't have time to do everything that we have now. I am just looking for a fair price for everything we have, not looking to make a killing. If anyone has suggestions, please help. Here is a list of everything:

    04 Chev Z71, loaded, 71,000 miles
    14 foot trailer, gates on end and side, weedeater rack
    05 Gravely 148Z 615 hrs
    1986 Snapper 48" walk-behind, 423 hrs
    33" Cub Cadet walk behind 18.5 hrs (bought '08)
    Honda 21" self propelled variable speed
    Stihl HT100 pole saw
    MS290 Stihl chain saw
    Echo hedge trimmers, 2 echo weedeaters, echo blade edger
    Stihl blower vac(new 08), echo blower(new 08)
    Roundup backpack sprayer

    Don't really have any contracts, but about 40 + loyal customers (some weekly, some 10 days, some 2 weeks -we are pretty easy, but we will charge more the taller it is, so people have learned not to let it become a jungle and then call us!) If I can find someone trustworthy and dependable to buy this, I am pretty sure I can convince most of our people to stay. A lot of the yards are here in town, so pretty easy to get to and no time and gas expense hauling the trailer around.
    Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks!
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    Forgot to add that we grossed about 5000 last month,

    Also, our 3 br/2bath 1927 beautiful rock house is for sale, has a garage apartment with a nice shop area (where we store our equipment and hubby works on equipment) water well, gorgeous yard.......80,000
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    Little more info:

    All equipment is 05 or newer, except for the 86 snapper - but that mower works and cuts great -hubby worked on it after we bought it this year from a guy who used to do lawn care but quit and then parked it in his back yard with the goats who promptly chewed all the wiring (has a sulky too)

    In the last month we have turned down 8 apartment complexes and a nursing home in abilene, don't have time to do them and I hate driving to abilene, even though it is only 15 miles away.

    A person or couple could make some serious money full time with this. Please someone give me some advice and remember I am not wanting to make a huge profit - just need to pay off the pickup and a little bit on all our newer eqpment
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    Wish you were out my way
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    Hey guys! What did I do wrong?!!!!? I was sure I would get some some kind of help from this board (thanks larryinalabama for your reply) I know I have never posted before, but every time I have a question all I have to do is search and I can find what I am looking for. No need to post. I don't have time- (chief weedeater:) , bookkeeper, customer relations, collections, sometimes mower, plus FULL-time mom to 3 kids (ages 3,10,16).

    I just browsed through some of the questions yesterday, and a pretty stupid one (he even admits it) gets 15 replies.

    I am begging this time for some advice on this. Thanks in advance!
  6. JNyz

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    25,000.00 if you are lucky, 20k to be more realistic.
  7. DaughtryLC

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    Is there some other comp. that you can approach in your area that might be interested in the accounts? I know if I was working in your area and full time or starting out I would be interested!

    If you do find someone REALLY interested show him or her the props. and discuss business.

    Just my 2.....
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    Yeah, We talked to a friend who does this part-time here in our small town, we said 30,000, But I got to thinking, that is just for pu and equipment, not for all the accounts, and I know I can convince 80% or more of our people to stay, maybe more, probably can get contracts, but if I can get someone from our nearby(15 miles) 100,000+ city to buy , I just don't know how ro price it. But the price still stands for our friend, just waiting on financing stuff, but if that fails, I just don't know what to do
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    I thinking 40 accounts would be worth around 7000$, I dont know what all that equiptment is worth so 30 k might be the right price.

    I once sold 65 accounts and some basic equiptmrnt for 10k
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    Thanks a bunch who responded, I just needed to know if I was way off base or not.

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