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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by atasteofnature, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. atasteofnature

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    I know it has been a long while...I am back at school to further my knowledge and try to head in a different direction in the Turf Industry. Doing my best to leave my heart and mind open to what God has in store for me, I keep hearing from different angles to head back into the landscape field with my new knowledge. It is hard to decipher if my giddyness is due to me only knowing landscape for 10 years plus and feeling comfortable with that or if that is really where I belong. I also have somethings happening at home that I could see myself needing to be back in the area in the near future. I think what I might be looking for advice would be Pros and Cons of getting back into the industry and owning my own business. It is hard sometimes to see beyond what my brain will allow and once I hear it from others it will help open my eye and brain. Feel free to ask me questions to joggle somethings as well. Thank you all for your time to read this and to give any advice. God Bless to everyone and hope everyone is having a great year so far going into the fall season. Have a great day!!!:)
  2. Jpocket

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    Being young myself, and being from a "working" middle class family I will say this to you: The landscape industry may offer you the money and freedom that you need to be happy at this point in life. It may not be a permanent endevour but it may be what you have to do right now to acheive certain things or maintain your lifestyle. Sometimes other Jobs/careers look promising until it comes down to your paycheck.
  3. atasteofnature

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    Thank you for the advice. I know this is ultimately in God's hands but it makes me sleep a little easier at night if there is a plan for me and my family. I love landscaping and turf and have never found any of it as work.
  4. DQL10

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    If you wake up every morning and go to work with the feeling of it actually being work, then I say find something else. If you wake up and go to work with the feeling of it not being work, then I say keep trucking and expand your knowledge like you say you want to do. It is hard to make a good profit right now in this economy, but give it a few more years and everything will hopefully be better. Just my .02 cents.
  5. MR-G

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    Its still a good business to be in even though the economy isnt so need to be extremely flexible and creative...we take the approach that what we sell isnt landscaping or maintenance...we sell time...plain and simple....we can do almost anything a customer needs or wants....cost is 100% based on time (and materials if any) this way you can really budget better and more accuratley....
  6. White Gardens

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    What is it that you are studying now?
  7. atasteofnature

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    I originally received my associates degree from Vincennes University for Landscaping. Now I am attending Purdue for a Bachelor in Turf Science. Lawn care is one way they say you can head with it but I was looking more towards the Golf and Sports side of things. I did two internships this summer with both and enjoyed it but now I am looking into research possibly intern with Scotts Miracle-Gro.
  8. atasteofnature

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    I am listening to all the advice and thank you all for taking the time to read and give the advice. I can't thank you enough. Everyone have a blessed evening!
  9. kilgoja

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    i had a great paying job for 6 years but i was was alot of work and the rest of my life suffered because of it as in the rest of my life basically fell by the health, social life, family life, etc. was basically non existant....i was like i just can't live this way...i don't care if i'm poor...i wasn't happy at i quit...i guess to some people money is everything but to me i'd rather be happy and make it on less money...i don't care if you have to live renting a trailer the rest of your what makes you happy...that's all that matters in life....plan for the future yeah but don't let it be your driving force...i mean you may not even live long enough to get to retirement....all you have is today...nothing else is for sure
  10. atasteofnature

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    Awesome! Thank you that means a lot! My friend had the same outlook that you just recently told me. He is a pilot and could go across seas and make more money but he said it is all about the quality of life! Thank you that made my day! God Bless everyone!

    PS~Boaz is right down the road from where my aunt and uncle live!

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