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    I read your post with great interest. I'll say should do what makes you happpiest in life. Working a job that you dislike is not a good thing.

    Related to your turf choice, it's a great field of study, but jobs are very tough to get in golf or sports fields as a manager. Having worked in both fields, those areas are really niche markets compared to a wide open grounds and landscape business. You can get "type cast" pretty easily in both fields, too. Upward mobility in golf is almost non-existent at the moment and pay rates have actually dropped over the past two years as courses struggle to pay the bills.

    Good luck and keep learning.
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    What a wonderful calling it is to help maintain the beauty of God's creation.
    For me, there is an epiphany every day.
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    thank you all for the great comments...i am leaning more to getting back into it. I am excited but also know nothing won't happen until my ducks are in a row, on top of each other, backwards and forwards! Thank you all for the encouragement! God Bless everyone!

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