Need Advice to bid a 25-30 acre soccer field complex

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bamaone, Aug 14, 2006.

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    I currently have 70+/- commercial/residential maintenance properties.
    So I have a great understanding when it comes to bid those type properties.

    I have the opportunity to bid on this soccer complex with the inside track (friend of friend) to secure this property.

    I am looking for advice from anyone that does this type of property.

    Fields to be mowed weekly all year (with exception of May and June- biweekly)

    No trash to pick up

    Weedeat around bleachers/ goals, etc., (no sidewalks to edge)

    Basically, I plan on figuring Price per visit x # of visit = total cost/12 for monthly billing.

    What type of equipment is best suited for this? I would assume tractor w/ finishing mower

    What type of rates go with this type of property?

    Any other input would be appreciated!
    This is the type of property that could me support purchasing a tractor and new truck, both of which I need regardless. So I am super pumped to have this opportunity. Thanks in advance!!

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