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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Madpunter, May 31, 2003.

  1. Madpunter

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    I am a small property owner (four properties currently) looking to get a walk behind mower with maybe a 32 or 33" deck to make maintaining my properties easier and faster.

    Since I am not doing this as a business, I was looking at lower end models: Sutech, TroyBilt, etc...

    In reading the various posts, I get the gist that these machines are not really a great value.

    So I am looking at getting a better brand/model in the used market. My budget isn't really huge, I would prefer to spend $500-$800 on a used machine

    The help I need is what should I look for or beware of when buying a used machine.

    Also is there a good forum to find used equipment in my area, Massachusetts (can't really travel to TX or CA to pick a machine up)...

    Or does anyone have a better idea for me?

    Thanks for your help,
    - Vince
  2. Albemarle Lawn

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    I only own house.

    C'mon Vince you're not broke.

    Go get a nice new John Deere GS30 belt drive. They're on sale now for under $2600. They cut like a dream and are built like a tank.

    I have had one for 6 seasons, it hasn't even flinched.

  3. Madpunter

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    I realize there are several good makes/models in the $2400-$3000 price range. However contrary to popular belief Landlords are not the wealthy people most think we are.

    I work a regular 9-5 (more like 8-7), then in my "free time" maintain my properties. My "profit" goes toward things like taxes, water & sewer charges, new roofs, boiler systems, siding, windows, appliances, and various other items.

    I am just looking for something within my budget that might help save me some time so I have more of it with my family.

    Besides if not for people like me to buy your used machines, it would be more difficult for you to buy the shiny new ones.

    Thanks for the reply though.
  4. Rustic Goat

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    I believe the prior post is trying to tell you for what you want to spend and the size of the equipment you want don't usually live on the same planet.

    Do an Internet search for 'mower-used' and may buyer beware. Also check at some local equipment dealerships, may be your best bet, if they can control their laughter. No, really check them out.
    Don't normally recommend buying on time, but if money is that tight, you really would be better off purchasing something new and making payments.
    Just be sure to read, understand, and follow the maintenance guides.
    Good Luck
  5. bobbygedd

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    the repair shop i use often has used walk behinds for sale. he gets them from people who dont want to invest the $ to fix them, or from people in barter for his services. i bought a 32 exmark 3 yrs ago for 5 bills. starts second pull every time and runs/cuts like a dream. you may want to check some of the local repair shops.

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