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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by ranger2000, Jul 16, 2007.

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    I have been hired to do a patio for the first time to some customers that i normally cut grass for.I told them i did my patio of 10 x 10 with cobble stone,they asked me if i could do a patio 24' x 13 in their back yard. I need to know
    1-how deep to dig the area.
    2-how much gravel dust (2a) to put down before i compact.
    3-how much and how deep should i compact duct with a rental plate compactor.
    4-how much concrete sand should i put down,,best way to screed
    5-how much pitch for the run off (what`s the best way to measure the pitch) laser or string?.
    6-when the pavers are set with the edgers,should i put concrete sand before or after i compact,should i use a certain material to protect the pavers from getting broken or nicks while i compact??.
    I have read books from home depot and researched on-line,but i need someone`s advice who has done this many times before.I would highly appreciate any help.Do you think $1,800 was a fair price i charged for this being my first patio, the customer already bought the materials.Thanks a million
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    I think that you were too cheap on the price, there are alot of things to consider when pricing out a job. I am just north of you and I know that it can be all clay to mostly rock depending on the site. Access is a big factor, what equipment do you have and will have to rent, and how long it will take you to do the job.

    Just make sure that the customer provides all the materials, base, sand, edge restraint, spikes, poly sand, etc... They should also have to make sure that they are delivered and/or picked up. You stated that they bought the materials but I bet they didn't include everything and you shouldn't have to spend one penny for this stuff if you agreed to labor only.

    Check out the following websites, they will answer alot of your questions. Read some of the other post on here and you should have a good idea what to do. If you have other questions post them here, but you should try to read as much as possible so that you understand more. Home Depot books are a piece of $hit, they skip over steps and leave the most important and hardest parts very brief "Level and compact the base". What and How?????

    If you really want someone to answer a price question, you will have to give more information and some pictures. You should be taking pictures for your before and after.

    What kind of pavers are they using?
    What is the soil like?
    What equipment do you have?
    What equipment do you have to rent?
    How long will it take you to do the job?
    How long of a warrenty do you offer?

    Here are the websites:

    ICPI has alot of good information along with some videos and other stuff, I suggest that you spend alot of time there. Good luck, and don't forget to show us some pictures.
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    are you doing cobble stone or concrete pavers?
  4. ranger2000

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    Yes im using cobble stone

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