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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mowerdude777, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. mowerdude777

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    Ok I just landed a 1.5 acre lot account as well as I allready service a .20 acre lot about 10 minutes away only one issue. They are 10 miles from my house. My mom hooked me up with both theese accounts and she will be driving me to them. Here is the issue she soes not want to take the trailer but she wants me to do both of these lawns on saturdays. So because she fears it comming unhitched:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy: I am screwed. However she said she would drive a small (under 4X8 trailer down there instrad of my 5X10) So I am trying to find a cheep trailer I will only be taking my 32 anyone have any sugestions. I am thinking of a larger deer type trailer(like the ones the hunters use) Thanks-Ryan
  2. MikeKle

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    OK, well... there is not that much difference in towing a 4x8 and a 5x10, Just prove to her it will not come un-hitched.( as long as you know how to connect a trailer that is), You are going to do a 1.5 acre lot with a 32" mower? that will take forever! Why cant you drive yourself to your own accounts btw? How do you do all your other accounts? Am I missing something here? What happens if it pours down rain on the saturday you are supposed to mow it, then what? Im guessing your not a newbie, cause you have over 2000 posts, but something is off here?
  3. Hawg City Lawns

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    ryan id convince your mom that a 5x10 is not much different in wieght or size than a 4x8 hook the trailer up to the van and jerk it up and down hard really hard while shes watching if that doesnt convince her well im out of ideas
  4. South Florida Lawns

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    Buy a lock and have her lock the latch down then she'll know that b***h ain't coming off.
  5. mowerdude777

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    I am only 14, I can start twards getting my permit in 3 weeks but I think I will wait until the school year is done. I will be faster with the 32 then the 21 I will not be using the 48 for a few reasons. The rest of my accounts are either in my neighborhood or a few miles away. If it rains saturday I will either do it sunday or monday (I never work on monday for this reason I start on tuesay and end on saturday for my work week)
  6. mowerdude777

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    It is locked on but one of the first times I used it I hitched it onn poorly and it came off in our driveway when we were leaving. It has never happened since but she thinks driving it far will make it happpen:confused:;):dizzy::hammerhead::cry:
  7. mowerdude777

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    I measured out the van after I folded down the 3rd row seets and took toe 2nr row seets out and I will have just enough space for a 32, and my handhelds but it will be a bit of a pita loading and unloading it all. I really would just like to use the trailer
  8. mowisme

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    Ryan- I wouldn't even consider hauling the stuff in a Oddysey..good way to rip leather seats or spill gas/oil in a nice van. let alone the fumes- insurance might get sticky too if got into a bad accident (God forbid that don't happen). If coupler is 'adjusted' right before you latch it down- it should never come off. Only unless coupler breaks the latch arm underneith off- very rare that happens- only heard of it once..might of been factory defect? Remind your mother that you have 2 chains on too. hook them with good ends..make sure they are crossed. I learned the hard way- lost 3 trailers over span of 30 years. Thats 3 more than I should have- all from not taking time to check..and double check. I think many neglect to adjust the lower nut of coupler thinking it is loose, but will not pop off- big mistake. if it is too loose on ball it needs to be tighter. Once adjusted..good to go.. never need adjust again. They are pre-adjusted when new..but always check. If buy used- definately check as you never know who might have loosened it to make it easier to snap lever down. You need a happy medium. tight on ball..but not so tight you got to stand on it to get lever down. Geno
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  9. mowerdude777

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    I always have my chains crossed and the trailer locked down. My dad says it is fine. I always have it well adjusted. We dont have leather seats though and the van is not in nwe shape at all, (that is why it is aloud to be used for my work) I use to put 21s as well as my handhelds in the back when I was only servicing one account out there but now I lanede another that has a massive back yard.
  10. mowerdude777

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    I went to see the 1.5 acre yard, it is not very much grass there is a big shed/grage in the yard as well as a few bigger gardens it is only .45 acres of grass I would assume. I think I will just use a 21 so my mom will not need to worry.

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