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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Mccarty Lawns, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    I have been in the lawn care business for a while and for many years I have been coughing. I kinda figured it was just allergies... I went to see a allergy doctor and he told me that I have asthma... So he recommended that I should do a skin test to see what I'm allergic too and what's causing my asthma. The results came back and it said grass, weeds, and etc. It should have just said lawn care... :)

    I thought about hiring a self contractor to do my work as I manage my business. But I simply can't afford it. The medication each month is very expensive and I have been getting allergy shots often to boost my immune system... The doctor told me that if I wear a mask it would help me but I need to get to the point where I won't have to take my medication often to control my asthma. I have been doing this for a long time and it's really tough to close the door with my business. I am 33 years old with no college experience. Should I aim for college with a possibility of medical school or continue and hope for the best knowing that this is my only income. I know that my health is the most important but... I would appreciate your advice... Thank you
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    Hey bro, I feel for you. I have the same allergies and asthma too. I think you should just do whatever you think is best for you. i know that is kinda a cop-out and crappy advice but if you can do college and you think that is what is best go for it. Or, if you need the business keep doing that man. There is always the possibility of doing the business and going to college at the same time if you need to. But just think and pray about it. Good luck at whatever you decide :)
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    Ideas and thoughts, in no particular order:

    * gloves, mask, pants tucked into boots, shirt tucked into pants. The mask should be a quality respirator type with filters, not a simple cloth mask. Before you ever take the mask off, blow yourself off to reduce the particles on your clothing. When you get home, keep the gloves on and disrobe directly into the washing machine.

    * second opinion from a different doctor, perhaps the first missed something

    * hire an employee to operate your route, tell them point blank you're under doctor's orders to reduce your work load for a time, and then go to each job site and watch them work. Only do the work at a site that won't exacerbate your condition (maybe picking up the lawn, blowing possibly, etc...)

    * transition into fertilizer / spraying

    * transition into hardscaping

    * seek a position with a large LCO as a salesman

    * transition into landscape design

    * transition into landscaping (planting and such, where maintenance is mowing and so forth)

    * Move to Las Vegas or Arizona, where presumably there's not as much grass to deal with.

    Good luck.
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    Are you a smoker?
  5. Sure, if you have the smarts and the wherewithall. My daughter did. She quit her job, lost her house and filed bankruptcy to go to nurses school. Her and her husband and two kids lived in a tiny apartment scraping by untill she finished.
    She now has a better job, a nicer house but they still have to drive old jalopy cars for a few more years. But she parks hers at the Kettering Medical Center.
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    Try getting some honey produced near you and make it part of your daily diet. Make sure it is local honey.
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    I have grass, pollen and mold allergies. I mow 4-5 days a week with no meds but when some of the summer lawn funguses like red thread start to show up I get sick as hell. I have been using the honey off and on for the past year and feel that it makes a difference, although I am still skeptical. It's worth a try.

    You should also try a nasal rinse like a netti pot. Use it every night before you go to bed or even when you get home. This has made a substantial difference that was noticed almost immediately for my sinus problems.

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