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Discussion in 'Employment' started by greenisgoodalways, May 7, 2012.

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    Hello, new to the site and I need some help. I work for a landscaping company that has over or around 120 accounts. I work six days a week on the route. From 8 am to about 4, sometimes 5 pm. I cut (bobcat and stag 36 inch deck), weed wack, blow, and weed control. Spring and fall clean ups. I also trim hedges, lay mulch, top soil, and sod when the jobs come up (usually one day a week). I also drive my co workers to and from work. This is my third year working for the company. What should I be getting paid? Right now I am making 500 a week. Should I be entitled to a higher pay? We are located in New Jersey
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    I would say thats low but the thing that i noticed is you said weed control. Are you spraying weeds? And if so are you certified and does the company have the proper insurance, ect? You could find yourself in a bad situation if the answers are no.

    Back to the main question, i dont know what the cost of living is in nj but your around 12.50/hr. What is your job title, crew lead, member, manager? Around here those duties would get around that for someone will less than a year at the job.
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    Pulling and spraying with round up. The company is all up to date. I am a member of the crew, but American so often I am the one dealing with customers questions and concerns. I relay a lot of information to either the guys with more experience if I am unsure of an answer or the owner. I am also the guy the boss goes to when its late in the day and we have a last minute job to do. If there is a part needed on site, I am the one going to pick it up, same with supplies.

    Cost of living is pretty high in Jersey.
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    I would say you're underpaid.
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    Way....... You should be making 650+ a week in my opinion... AT LEAST. Working 6 days a week? average of 48-56 hours a week (based on 8-9 hours a day)... Are you getting OT over 40 hours or over 8 hours a day? I'd be asking for at least 12/hr, which would be 480 a week.. plus if you are working an average of 10/hrs of OT a week, (50hrs) that would be a rate of 18/hr, so thats an extra 180.. That equals 660... Sounds like you are being taken advantage of IMO. I understand overhead, but the just the fact that you are on here asking us for our opinion tells me you know you are not getting what you deserve, and you are unsatisfied....
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    Go to the boss and say I want more money. Then tell him everything you told us and ask for 675 a wk and settle for what you think is a good #
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    Is this what you are paid, or what you take home after taxes and other deductions? It sounds about right for a 40hr week before taxes.

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