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I am selling my 99 turf tracer for 3500. and its only got 299 hours. i am including two junglew wheels, a bagger and zero flat tires. I probably paid 6700. Just last agust and feel pretty bad for giving it away for so cheap. I do have bills to pay and the money looks good right now and i have enough mowers. Is this a mistake? Should i keep it for ten years and be happy or keep it in my garage along with the 6 other mowers that i love.

I just feel like that price is so low but at the same time i feel like getting the fast money.

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hey guy, you seem to be like me. You take great care of your equipment I imagine and with inly 300 hours on it it probably looks like new. Maybe you should ask yourself a few questions. Is it paid for. If not what do I owe and how long will I owe it. How fast do you expense out your equipment? Is is a daily driver or can you use it as a back up? If your in the area I am in. There is not a big market for used wb. Not even the dealer will take it.Do you have other machines in worse condition that you could sell of instead. Do you have a crew? How big is the machine. Is it a huge deck used ofr only special properties. IF you have concerns about selling it don't. If you do make sure you get your money's worth when you sell. If it's like new sell it for $5500 if you can't get it than nobady deserves it. I myself have several machines because I started with a 36 and moved right up toa 48 then 52 then 2 60's. I have al but two but there are paid for so If someone is not willing to pay the price than and your not in financial help hang on to it.

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