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    I need to buy a string trimmer, and edger. Have 2 choices between Shindawa and Redmax.

    The store has a 25.4cc Redmax edger for $330 (I am not familiar with ther edgers/trimmers at all). They also have a Shindawa 24.1 cc for $390.

    Then they have a 25.4cc Redmax String trimmer for $320, or a Shindawa T260 24.1 cc for $350. ( I have heard tons about the quality of Shindawa) I

    It seams the redmax comes with more power for the money, but no reputation, while the Shindawa has it's reputation for with less power for the money. Which way should I go? Tell me what you have learned from your experience? I know many of you have had repairs on these, what would you recommend. What will last me longer? Does the differnce in power make a huge differnce? Please give me advice, and your opinion?

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    redmax and shindaiwa are actually owned by the same company komatsu

    redmax have actually been around longer than shindaiwa, they are both top quality pieces of equipment.

    i would opt for horsepower and unit weight of each and how comfortable they are to use.

    i've used redmax for over 13 years with great results (which is why i deal them)

    anywho, as with any peice of equipment, get a demo out in the field with them.
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    red max, red max and red max. they are easy to start and easy to work on. we never have problems with our red max equipment, blowers and trimmers.
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    From the Shindaiwa web site:

    Company Background
    Shindaiwa is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shin-Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd., of Hiroshima, Japan, and was incorporated in Oregon in 1981.

    From the Red Max web site:

    About RedMax®
    RedMax® / Komatsu Zenoah America manufactures commercial outdoor power equipment for the land care professional.

    Two totally separate companies. Shindaiwa does buy some engines from Komatsu Zenoah for use on a few of their products.

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