Need advise (bumped an air conditioner)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by martyman, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. martyman

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    I think I'm being scammed. I bumped the bracket that holds an airconditioner to a residential home and bent it. I bent it back and the when the home owner saw it he called me up and asked if I had insurance. I told the customer not for a really old air conditioner that I only bent the bracket. The customer is trying to get a new one through his insurance and they have told him "UH NO" he's telling me that he got an estimate for $800 and they are getting another estimate tonight. I looked over his airconditioner today with fine tooth comb and it's perfect (even though it's 12 years old) and there is nothing leaking or anything other than the bracket that I bent. I told them to call me and I want to come up and see when this new guy checks it. The didn't pay me for a month of lawncutting and they said "don't worry about it we can just deduct it from you next years cutting..the worst part is they are my friends mother and father in a law or I would tell them to get bent.
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    Take pictures, document everything, get an estimate on your own, have the value of the old air coditioner appraised, etc. All they can do is take you to court and with the pictures and evidence you'll come out fine. I doubt if it will go that far. They are trying to scam you for a new one.
  3. Daner

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    I would simply tell them that you will take care of it, and have it fixed or what ever... and call a Heating&Ac contractor yourself and meet him at the house.:)
  4. lsylvain

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    I'm confused? Do you or do you not have insurance? If you have insurance your insurance company will check it out and if they feel that you are reponsible and liable they will pay for it if the insurance company decides that it wasn't your fault then guess what it wasn't your fault and the insurance company wont pay and your greedy friends can buy thier own AC unit.

    How in the hell do you hit an A/C unit. They are only 3.5 - 4 feet tall and in the same place every week. lol

    what kind of bracket are you talking about?

    If you don't have insuance you are not too bright.

    Get your own A/C guy to check it out. Have them give possible causes for the problem. ie. it is 12 years old.
  5. lsylvain

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    Oh, and don't forget to follow up with the collection letter on their back fees. Even if you are at fault with the A/C that does not give them the right to not pay you. They are two separate issues.

    And most importantly.


    here is a little equasion. F + M = T

    Friends + Mow Grass = Trouble

    Family + mow grass = trouble

    friends of family + mow grass = trouble

    family of friends + mow grass = trouble
  6. martyman

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    I have a million dollar insurance. I assumed that they were just over reacting when they asked me if I had it and I told them I would pay for a new bracket. I don't mind to go through insurance but not for a bracket. At first they thought I spun the airconditioner around because they thought the pipes should be coming out of the back of the unit, but this unit has them at the side and it never moved, so they then changed there story and I wasn't sure to do. There is nothing wrong with there air conditioner, so I'm not calling my insurance.

    ..I'm going to go take pictures of it today...I didn't hit the unit I bumped the bracket that holds the unit up. The metal bracket sticks out about4 inches out of the bottom and I have to turn slightly when I pass it and the back end of the machine pushed the bracket.
  7. martyman

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    here is the unit and the bracket that I bent...


    and this picture you can see the bracket is slightly hanging off the wall..
  8. eruuska

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    I don't see where it's bent. If it IS bent, it ain't bent much. I think $800 for that is a scam. Get your own guy out there to look at it.
  9. TLS

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    Does he live in a flood zone or something?

    Never seen one on brackets.

    I'd sawsall those brackets shorter so you don't hit them again.
  10. Runner

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    What the hell kind of COBBLE JOB set up is THAT!!!???? Who in the world would have hooked a unit up like that? What, is it in a flood zone or something?
    I do have to admit....that angle iron sticking out there is mighty handsome. What is it, a combination ac unit holder/ burglar control? Because that sucker looks like it's set up just for the sole purpose of RIPPIN" into somebody's legs.
    Geez, just run another lag in it and call it good. I hate to say this, but inevitibly, the way that thing is hung, with all that weight on it, eventually, it's probably goung to come down anyway.
    But bottom line, though....there is no way there is any $800 damage there. Don't LOSE your pics!

    That's funny...I stepped away for a few minutes and then returned to finish my post...when I finished it, I saw that TLS had said some of the same things that I did!

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