Need advise. Getting Tall Fescue sod installed this Sat in ATL area

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ShawnDH, May 26, 2005.

  1. ShawnDH

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    I have a small lawn in the front that I want to get sodded. I've killed all the old grass (fescue) thinking that I was gonna get St. Augstine, but we decided we wanted he Tall Fescue. I'm not sure what kind of fescue it is but the seller told me it would be fine to sod at this time of the year. The problem I'm having is that most other people are saying it's definitely NOT the right time to sod Tall Fescue and it would be impossible to keep it from burning up and dying in the summer heat.

    Is it possible for us to keep the sod alive through the summer if we water it enough? My yard is very shady and we only get about 4 to 5 max hrs of direct sunlight. The PH levels are perfect according to our soil tests. The yard is small (2500sq ft) so it won't be hard to keep it watered. The temps here are about in the high 70's and the low is in the mid 50's in the early morning. June is usually a rainy season for us here in Atlanta, GA. With these conditions, do you guys think we'll have a chance of keeping it alive through the summer months? Will it do any significant rooting during the summer? What can we do extra to keep it alive?
  2. AustinCharles

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    You should be fine. Just make sure you keep it watered. I would water it everyday until the roots take.
  3. NickN

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    I agree.Just keep it wet at all times for the first two weeks.Then check it by trying to pull it up.If it won't pull up,it's started to root.After that,give it two deep waterings per week throughout the summer.
    If you were seeding,I'd say heck no,but sod will be ok if given proper attention.Luckily,we've had cooler than normal temps this year,so the soil temp in your area shouldn't be as warm as it usually is.
  4. ShawnDH

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    Should I treat this grass with anyting after it roots? We do have some water bugs and ants that I think we've killed but if not, I was wondering if it would be safe to spray insecticide on such a new lawn. Or is this something you only do as it :confused: is ablsolutely necessary?
  5. 65hoss

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    I'm gonna completely disagree. YOU ARE IN THE DEEP SOUTH in will be WASTING your money putting Fescue sod in this time of year. The stress it gets when being cut will not be overcome before the high temps hit. You will not be able to put enough water to it in your area to make it survive the summer.

    It is your what you want. But I would totally refuse to lay that sod for you if you called me this time of year. No matter how much I tell you that it will not make it, you would still blame the installer come August.

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