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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LCME, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. LCME

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    customer wants an estimate to fertilize. they have a new lawn installed last October. hydro-seed. any advise on soil sample. what type of fert should be used now. the customer says the lawn is not filling in well. customer would like to see the lawn grow in thick asap. they started watering the lawn every morning beginning yesterday. any comments, suggestions, etc. thanks lcme.
  2. br1dge

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    with no idea what kind of grass, it skinda hard ot say
  3. Grassmechanic

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    Grass ID and soil test are the first things I'd do. Most hydroseed mixes contains copious amounts of per. rye. If the lawn has predominatly per. rye, it will not fill in as per. rye is a clump type grass. The lawn may need to be overseeded with ky. blue to fill in and look decent. See if the homeowner has the reciept from the hydroseeder if you can't ID the grass.
  4. Runner

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    How filled in is it now? Is there alot of seed still to germinate? It is hard to say without seeing. In October, we really had some shaky weather, so it depends on if it was beginning of Oct., or toward the end. If it had starter fert. put on it heavy, or light. If the grass is real light, that means that there might be plenty of viable seed still left waiting to germinate. If this is the case, blast it with some 18-24-12, and hit it again in two weeks with 24-5-11. you will be have heavy grass in 4 weeks. Got any pics?
  5. LCME

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    Hello runner, thanks for the tip. will get pictures next trip out.
  6. LCME

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    customer called me and said no fert for this year. new grass around the house was put in last fall. and customers last fert company advises not to fertilize it at all this year.
  7. GrazerZ

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    Thats a new one for me. my guess would be they want the lawn to die out so they can sell seeding to them. or just plane ingnorance. Often newly seeded lawns starve for fert becuase they are seeded improperly.
  8. Runner

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    These people sound like like they're out to lunch. Do some research, print off a sheet or two from Purdue regarding fertilizer needs, and show it to your customer. Invite them to call 3 different lawn care companies, and see what they sy. Better yet, call a local golf course, and have him talk to a superintendent. These guys are many of time more than willing to help. I think I'd listen to someone with a Masters degree before I'd listen to some obviously flunky "lawn service". The reason I can say this, is the obvious poor advice they have given....they would carry no credibility with me.

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