Need advise on when to reseed this spring

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by onestar, Jan 25, 2006.

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    O.K., here is the deal. My lawn was torn up and totally renovated last about 16 to 18 months ago. Looks pretty decent, needs overseeding again even though I did over seed this fall I figure I will do it again this spring too. I have used Lesco and Scotts both andwas wondering which one I should go with. My question is the Lesco program calls for a fertilizer like 25-0-06 with pre-M anywhere from mid January through late March. I thought about mid Feb, I would want to start putting out the fertilizer and pre-M, but I also need to overseed and not sure how long it will take the seed to germinate especially not knowing what the temps might do around here (N.C.). If I overseed now and in say 2 to 3 weeks then I put out Feertilizer and Pre-M, if the seed has not germinated it will prevent it from coming up want it? I hope all this makes since and anybody out there please feel free to let me know what your opinion is and what kind of timeline I need to follow. Would it be beter for me as a home owner to use the Scott's line of products as I think there are not as many steps to follow as the Lesco. And if Scotts is what you feel I should use then what do I need to start of with first? Crabgrass preventer or what? Thanks for any help, this site is full of knowledge, it's just sometimes hard to understand how much is the truth and what part is egos on here. Some people say one thing is junk and other praise it and not being in the business, it gets me confused sometimes. Thanks again.
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    If you have an established lawn, pleeeese dont use such a hot fertilizer. Germination is temperature dependent. If grass is already growing, seed will germinate. I'd first get a soil sample, send it to lesco, and fertilize based on results. They will help you read the report. Honestly, if you have a bad weed problem, there is usually something going on with the pH. My belief is try to know the soil before chemicals. As to when to overseed, Check with you Dept of Ag Co-op extenstion to find out when the weeds in your area germinate. You might be actually pushing the weed seed in further and encouraging germination! Remember that a healthy lawn will choke out alot of weeds. Try to focus on plant health. Applications of P and K will encourage healthy cells and root growth.
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    First of all, which is the greater concern right now? Do you regularly get crabgrass if you don't treat? If not, you might be able to get away with skipping the preemergent round in favor of reseeding.

    Shepdog is right. A healthy lawn will choke out a lot of weeds. If the lawn is thin, you're asking for trouble.

    However, if crabgrass is typically a major problem, a preemergent round might be a good idea. Most preemergents claim to last as long as 120 days, but realistically, they usually only get you 90 at best, and even then, with only about 80% control. So I would recommend applying your preemergent once the weather breaks and reapplying the same preemergent later on, as well. Reseed in the fall. Honestly, that's the best time to do it anyways.
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    I would focus ONLY on your EXSISTING grass and weed problem. Take care of these two things, then aerate and overseed in the fall. I think seeding an established lawn in the spring would be a waste of money.
    I will try to post later a study I saw on seeding in the fall vs. the spring. It is unbelievable the amount of seed that won't germinate because of the conditions in the spring/summer.

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