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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fvstringpicker, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Fvstringpicker

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    I'm in somewhat of a mess. I won a bid to keep up the three entrences to a sub-division. Part of the bid is pruning the crepe myrtle trees around the entrences to the subdivision. It turn out that some and maybe all the crepe myrtles are on city right of way. The city has a tree ordinance that makes it illegal to cut, in any manner, trees on right of way without a permit. You have to be an arborist to get the permit. I didn't pick up on this law until the city sent all landscaping companies a copy of the ordinance after a landscaper got fined a few weeks ago for pruning on right of way. I got my copy today. The President of the homeowners assoc. swears its ok because "the guy trimmed them last year". How would you handle this? Do I need to just pull out?
  2. sheshovel

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    Show the guy a copy of what you recieved from the city and explain..take the tree's out of the bid or become a certified Arborist
  3. CAG

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    whats the amount of the fine and is it strictly enforced??
  4. befnme

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    yeh what she said ^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Brianslawn

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    sub the trimming out to some mow joe!
  6. S man

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    I wouldn't screw with trees without the credentials. Take a arborist test.
  7. Steve LawnWorks

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    That would be crape myrtle :)
  8. topdog

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    sub it out to an arborist.
  9. WildLake

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    Many crape myrtles are considered shrubs rather than trees. I would just trim them if they're not obviously trees.
  10. Green-Pro

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    Sub it out was my first thought also.

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