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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by BuzMoland, Nov 11, 2007.

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    I hydroseeed a lawn for a company in july which i know your not supposed to do. but they needed to close on the houses so they said just do it, it dosent' matter how it comes in. well about a month and a half ago the foreman called me and said hey i know i told u it didn't matter how they came in but my boss said if u don't go back and fix them u won't get any of our business. and i told the guy if that is how they do business i don't want to deal with them anymore. now they are taking me to court for 1,800 do any of you guys have some advice for me.
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    What did the contract say. You did have a contract, didn't you?
  3. BuzMoland

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    Yes i did have a contract just basically the sq footage and price. then area is to be properly prepped and ready for hydroseed. Being that we are doing this in july contractor is not responsible for proper watering if there is a lack of rain. I will provide seed and fertilizer . i strongly recommend some type of sprinkler system. In case of washout contractor is not responsible if i have to come back there will be an additional cost.

    after this i wrote up a lot better lawn contract. i just have never had a situation like this. what do you think.

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