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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by RonWin, Jul 28, 2012.

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    So basically i mowedgeblowtrim with fall/spring cleanups and snow plow. I don't know jack about power washing but am getting a ton of requests by my customers to power wash their places. I would like to know everything about the business and how to properly and successfully power wash. From time to time i borrow my dads 2700psi troy-bilt pw but seem to take a LONG time trying to get off moss and green slime? off surfaces from wood to cement. It seems that i do not have the correct tips or pw'r itself to do the jobs efficently without wasting a ton of time? EX: im currently power washing my neighbors playhouse for his kids and the moss/green slime is taking forever to get off. It took me 2 hours to wash the damn thing and i didn't even finish the roof of it. I woud like to know i guess what type of pw'r i should invest in and wat type of tips i should always carry? Should i be carry different types of chemicals/soap for each different job? One customer in particular is asking for their house to get power washed of which their house is vineyl. I ended up telling her that i believed most houses went for 250-300 dollars which she immediately replied that sounds fair. In short story i am starting out with 0 knowledge, but have requests for this service to be administered with existing clients, and am seeking a phd in this stuff. Can anyone help? I hate using residential brands like troy-built however, is 2700 pw'r good enough for this job? Should i be getting other supplies? Tips ect? any help is VERY appreciated!
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    Ron Please Join my Facebook Glad to help you get this taken care of, Its pretty simple you just need some Household Bleach to kill the Mold & Mildew. If its a Small place you could spray it with one of your electric pumps you use for weed killer or a pump up. Join My Facebook if you have one.
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    As mentioned above, you can get a lot more done with a powerwasher, if you use a cleaning solution first. Spraying through the powerwasher itself may not be the best idea though. A pump sprayer is your best friend.
    Bleach is good, but any overspray that gets on your clothes will eat through the fabric (just a warning).
    I've used oxyclean in water. This doesn't have this problem, and as it foams up on the surface when you spray it, there's a little bonus there.

    TSP is stronger than bleach for cleaning, but can etch vinyl and glass. Be careful not to leave it on a surface for too long (or to let it dry on a surface).
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    Downstreaming your house wash mix, after the pump, is the best way to go. Much faster than using a hand pump. Also get ash grey shirts and the bleach will not damage them or bleach out. I get 12 news one every year. Usually I have to replace them because they are to dirty not due to bleach damage. Also Dickie work pants 847 will not bleach out either.
  5. rlitman

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    Thanks! That's just the kind of handy advice I come here for.
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    and about driveways what i spoke to you about the other day. when using the 4gpm and you don't want to spend the money on surface cleaning buy a rotary nozzle. should sell at hardware stores or hd. google a pic of them. there the next thing under a surface cleaner

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