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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by turf source lawn care, Feb 6, 2006.

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    I've been in the business for a while so not completely new here. I have started my own business this will be my 2nd year on my own and I was wondering how to keep money coming in during the winter months because where I live in Kansas City MO you can't count on snow anymore so if anybody has any ideas let me know.
  2. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    yearly contracts paid on a 12 month basis. Get a part time job during the winter season. Do Holiday decorations.
  3. BufalinoLand

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    Make enough during the season so you dont have to work

    Get your teaching Certificate(Like myself and not use it because of severe dislike for the disrespectful youth of America)

    Or buy some Insulation equipment, my business partner and I are quite busy this winter
  4. Wells

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    1. Like Trinity mentioned you could put all of your clients on a 12 monthly payment program but you may find out that doing such is not going to be an easy as it sounds. Your going to need to prove that there is some benefit in it for the client.

    2. Installing Christmas lighting usually brings in a decent amount of revenue during the months of November and December and then in January you charge the client to removed the lighting as well. You may also consider storing the Christmas light for the client and adding on a storage charge.

    3. Snow removal can be offered to residential clients as well as commercial ones. If you don't want to plow paring lots you should consider snow removal for residential sidewalks and driveways. Most of the same clients that don't want to mow their own grass in the summer months are the same people that don't want to shovel their own walks during the winter. The way I work it is I charge my clients a flat rate (let's say $125.00 month) and they are charge that fee whether it snows 12 times that month or 1 time that month.

    4. Tree companies seem to do very well in the winter months due to the heavy snow storms that snap tree limbs and break branches. You could run a ad in your local newspaper after a big storm advertising for tree removal and cleanup.

    5. There seems to be a fair number of LCO companies that offer firewood delivery. i've never done this before but it seems like it generates a decent amount of revenue for those that do it.

    The last thing is to just plan ahead for the lean winter months by putting away some money during the summer months when the pocket book is nice and fat.
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    i would prob just sell that expensive truck of yours that will save you some money haha
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    great answer Wells, sounds like you been there. I just got some "hints" myself, thanks, even doin' this LCO part-time.

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