Need an idea of what to charge.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SodFather, Apr 7, 2001.

  1. SodFather

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    Hey everyone, Got a big job and need some ideas of what to charge. I know its hard to do with out seeing the job but any info would help. Ok here it is I have to get rid of a 3 yd mound of crushed concrete, remove three very big stumps (stumps are already out of ground), About 2 pallets worth of bricks, alot of rotted logs, and there is about 5 yds of topsoil in a mound that I will have to level over the yard. I know Im gonna need to get a Bobcat for the job. And would it be better to get a dumpster or cart the stuff in my 3yd dump truck a bunch of times. I know its gonna be hard to give me a price to charge without being there but I need help on this one. Thanks.....
  2. skyphoto

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    This is how I would bill it...

    $25.00/hr for manual labor
    45.00/hr skidsteer w/3 hr min.
    $35.00/hr for my matter how many trips I made(rather pay for my equipment than a dumpster...but this is my theory)

    If you have to bid it and not hourly then figure your time then add 15% for suprises and miscalculatons..

    Just my .02!

  3. TLS

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    Wow, I would at least double the hourly rate for the skid and dump! Priced a new Bobcat lately? Not to mention the dumptruck costs of operation. The man hours could be bumped here or there, depending on how many "men" you really need other than yourself and a helper.

  4. gene gls

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    Hire some one with a big dozer, dig a big hole in the ground and push in the debre,cover and spread the top soil and seed,$1000.00..

  5. skyphoto

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    I would love to charge more if I could but the competition will not allow me to around here....I use a 1 ton dump and a JD 7775....could not get more if I wanted to (well unless it was a prevailing wage job for the city or something....but other than that those are going rates around here. Heck a guy with a 943 cat track loader only gets 20 dollars more an hour than me...with nearly a 80,000.00 dollar machine...I cannot complain!


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