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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by show-n-go, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. show-n-go

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    I'm trying to decide on a new string trimmer for next year, I also need an edger for drives and walks. Should I buy one of each? The other option I have seen guys using locally is some kind of disk on the string trimmer that allows them to quickly edge out a property. Should I look into one of those, if so what is it called? It will be used at my home and 5 other lawns that I cut. I am looking at buying a still trimmer, not sure if that helps.. Look forward to hearing what you guys think.
  2. weeze

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    you can get a husqvarna 324ldx like i have and buy an edger attachment for it. that way you can trim and edge with it.
  3. LandFakers

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    I think you mean Stihl trimmers, and they make a Kombi system that will fit your needs well. Either google "Stihl Kombi System" or go to their site and do some research. Alot of guys on here like them, I prefer one of each but thats just me, Less moving parts means less that can go wrong/break
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    That's what I meant. Damn iPad spell correct.
    I looked at the Kombi but I don't want the hassle of the extra parts. I can edge it out pretty good now just using the trimmer, there are a couple Local companies using some kind of disk on the head of the trimmer that lets them roll down the sidewalk in a hurry. I have a corner lot with very long sidewalks plus a long driveway. I was hoping to figure out what that disk is or who makes it. I've looked at two local places and they do not have it or know of it.
  5. LandFakers

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  6. Jaxscaper904

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    The disk u speak of is a brush cutter blade Ive seen and used many but never for edging you can buy them for pretty cheap depending on the trimmer I would take a stick edger over the blade anyday to save the hussle of changing the trimmer head to blade and vice versa and I dont see the blade being more time efficent than a good stick edger unless your edging over grown drives and walks do yourself a favor buy a good trimmer and buy a good edger
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  7. show-n-go

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    That's exactly what I was talking about. That with a good trimmer should get the job done. I have 300ft of fence to trim under as we'll so that will be perfect for me. Thank you.
  8. knox gsl

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    I've used one of the edgit tools and it works great on northern grasses, not so much on southern turf. I ran it on a FS90 Stihl but didn't purchase it as my main trimmers are FS100rx's which it doesn't fit. It will take a week or so to get used to it but is great for weekly mowing accounts and general trimming.
  9. show-n-go

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    An fs 90 should be good for 1-5 yards right? I haven't researched that model.
  10. Toro 455

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    I'd start with the Kombi system. You could save a few bucks with the FS90, but with cheaper bearings an a wimpier shaft, it's not rated for attachments.

    An FS90 with an Edgit might be OK for now. But a string trimmed walk isn't the same as one trimmed with a blade. So get the Kombi with a string trimmer for now. Trim as best you can without an Edgit. Put the money you'd have spent on an Edgit toward a real edger head for your Kombi system.

    Then who knows, in the future you might want a little pruner chainsaw for your Kombi system. Or a hedge trimmer attachment. I have one of each, and they are quality professional equipment that will last.

    Just remember one rule. With Stihl equipment use synthetic 2-cycle oil. And don't get generous. Mix it like it says on the bottle, not what's in the Stihl manual.

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