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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CurbAppealKS, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Stopped by a customers yard today to talk about some options for controlling the grassy weeds in her Bermuda. We talked a while and I walked around her yard. She said that her son in law had applied something called "All seasons" back in mid March. I have never heard of this product so I asked her where he got it and she said the hardware store. I'm not sure if this is strictly a fertilizer or if it had weed control or something else in it, but I know it's not a quality product.

    The Bermuda is just now starting to come in and during the walk around I noticed that the tips of the leaves are yellow. I brought this up to her and asked her again if she knew exactly what he put down. Of course, she didn't. She did say that he put down two bags of material, one on her front lawn and the second on the back. Keep in mind, this yard is just shy of 6k. So I immediately thought he had applied to much fert and burned the yard. Is this a safe assumption, or could it be a negative effect of a weed control product? I told her I would find out exactly what was going on and get back with her.

    On to the second part of my question. I identified the grassy weed in the picture as quack grass, is this accurate or are we dealing with dallis grass? And to take that farther, what are some of your choice products to deal with grassy weeds? I explained to her that if the Bermuda is in fact suffering from fert burn, I will not apply any product at this time to control the grassy weeds. I know that it will go away during the hotter part of the year and I can keep the lawn healthy with proper mowing practices.


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    I would say the weedy grass could possibly be tall fescue--it looks like it is in clumps. Except for the thistle on the left of the last photo. I would not worry about the dormant Bermuda. It will likely come on strong when the temp hits about 85.
    You need a local experienced small company to treat the weedy grass. I can't advise you on that. Besides its hard for me to want to kill everything green so everything is a uniform brown--is that right?
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    I appreciate the response. I know what to put down for broadleaf, I'm just looking for anyone that had any advice on what to use for grassy weeds. As well as what people might think is wrong with the Bermuda. If it is just stressed by low quality, fast release fert or something else?

    I'm a licensed applicator, all I'm trying to do is further my knowledge and gain some more experience. No one knew everything from the start.
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    if those grassy weeds are fescue spray with clelcius
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    I'm fairly sure that the weeds are quack grass. I will give the yard a week or so to see if the yellowing goes away and then consider treating with Celsius to handle the weeds. Thanks for the help guys
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    It looks like you had some Bermuda begin to green up. It got hit by a late frost and a couple days later all you see is the gold tips from frost burn. As far as the weeds go, that's 95% Fescue. I'd either hit it with Celsius or hit it with 1qt/acre Glyphosate while the Bermuda is still hiding its head in the sand.
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    I hate to disagree with you guys on the fescue, but it doesn't have the deep green color that fescue does at this time. The color is almost greyish and the next door neighbor has some fescue in his yard, not the same plant. I'm sorry I didn't get a pic of the weed itself, I was trying to incorporate it in with the Bermuda to show the problems with it. Either way, I will treat with celcius to be safe, that should do the trick.
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    Could be Quack but my bet is Rescuegrass. It will start to die shortly or you could hit it with a few herbicides but they are all pretty expensive, 85-250 bucks a bottle.

    I am with Ted on what happened to the Bermuda.

    As far as the product the son-in-law put on the lawn, I would not worry about it because fert will not do crap for that dormant Bermuda [it probably made it start to green up too early and that tender growth is probably why there is frost damage] and if had some broadleaf weed killer in there it was wasted if all there was in the lawn is grassy weeds.
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  10. CurbAppealKS

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    Thanks turf that makes sense, I never would have applied a fert for Bermuda this early anyway. I will just reassure her that it will come out of the stress and that Bermuda is it's own best friend as far as weed control goes. Luckily she is already a mowing customer, so I can guarantee proper mowing techniques.
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