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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by andy'slawncare, Apr 12, 2006.

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    So i have customers that want there lawns dethatched this coming friday. So i am new to the business and have done alot of searching on this forum for answers. The conclusion that i have came to is that dethatching is not to good idea to do in the spring time, that i should aerate there yards instead. But how do u measure the amount of thatch on the yard to know if they really need a true dethatching or not? Also for dethatching how harmful is it to the yard to use a pull behind one that is pretty much just life a rake and then use a sweeper to pick up that grass clippings after? Then the last question is how do i convice them to aerate there yard instead of dethatching when that is what everyone esle wants done to their lawn even though they truely don't need it. Everyone want fast results and not there yard having big piece of dirt and grass on there yard for a few weeks. Answers need. Thanks alot, Andy
  2. Rcgm

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    I have dethatched in the spring and have never had a problem.I usually only aerate in the fall though.I never aerate in spring.I use a dethatcher with a bag so I do not have to rake up all the thatch.I would dethatch it then overseed it heavy topped off with a starter fertilizer should get them on the right track.I am not sure about the pull behind rake never used one.
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    i have done both in spring and fall the key is to be sure to apply proper application of fertilzer seed lime as needed it is always bad idea to aerate or thatch after applications because you have ruined the residual factors
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    If it looks like this then dethatch...otherwise aerate. Aerating is better anyway...

  5. mcwlandscaping

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    i dethatched today! not a problem except figuring out how to adjust that machine right!! worked well once i figured it out.
  6. PSUturf

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    Most people want the yard dethatched because they see a lot of brown grass blades. This is not thatch, it's just the normal appearance of grass in early spring. I tell them their lawn will look the same in the middle of May whether or not they have it dethatched. The new growth will go right through and cover up the dead grass blades.
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    hey guys thanks for all the help. Also thanks for the pic that really helped me out.

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