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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by brjohnso, Apr 18, 2006.

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    We passed out flyers today and talked to a few that happened to be outside face-to-face and got 2 bids out of it. One told us to call back tomorrow since his wife was the one selecting the plants. The other just moved in and hadn't unpacked her landscaping books yet. Thus, both were landscaping jobs. Anyways, what one of the customer wants done is for her plants to be pulled up and hauled away and she wants her current mulch hauled away too. Then she wants all new landscaping with pine bark. It's the front landscaping with approx a 26' foot run that's 3 feet deep. Then as you take the walkway to the front door, there is an inlet in front of the dining room winow that is approx. 10' wide and 15' deep. On the other side of the walkway and the front door there is approx a 10' long run that is 3' deep that wraps around the corner of the house just a bit. So, it's approx 280 square feet of landscaping. My father is a contractor and I looked back on past invoicing to see what his cleanup crew charges for landscaping... it's $200, but that's tied with all the cleanup and putting down the sod on the particular lot. So we figured he gives a pretty good discount on landscaping. Also, he gets all of my dads jobs. Without that tie in, we figured $250 for landscaping (mulching and new planting) would be a good price for labor. Then, we decided based on our estimation of how long it took to take up what she has and haul it away to be $200 in labor. Is $450 in labor a good price on this type of job? Am I underbidding? Am I overbidding? Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone? Just wondering if I'm calculating it right.
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    i would not leave my house for $450. to haul i would charge 450 alone. i'll Let the rest of everone rant on this on.

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