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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Wilandscape, Aug 7, 2006.

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    A customer just rebuilt his home, He wants me to bring in soil, seed, and either hay or erosion mat. What needs to be redone is 6500 sq. feet and averages 4 inches. I know that 1 yard of soil = 160 square feet at 2 inches, so I will need aprox. 80 yards of soil @ 350.00 a truck (20 yards). Erosion mat is about 900 dollars. Seed, Fertilizer is about 125.00. The customer has a skid steer I can use for regrading, rather than renting.

    Soil - 1400
    seed, etc - 125
    mat - 900

    Material Cost - 2425

    I am estimating around 4800.00 - Is this over, under, even? Also, how do you write it down so it doesn't look like 2375 is labor. The company has to make some money. I wrote down aprox 1500 labor, gas equipment - 200 and the rest is the company's profit margin.

    Let me know if I am wrong - please


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