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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by vntgrcr, Jun 10, 2005.

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    Hello All, I currently have a 2001 Bobcat 331 w/ hyd thumb. It seems as though I am already undergunned for the work that has come my way with this machine. I only bought it in Feb. but a contractor I am working for suggest that if I want more of his work, get a little bigger machine. I don't want to go as big as a CAT 307/312 out of the necessity of needing a bigger trailer/truck. Want to know what you guys think of Kubota/CAT 303,304's or other 8-12K LB machines. I need to do septic systems, general landscape construction etc. Would like to keep the 331, but don't know if I can swing $$ both. Thanks for any input.
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    I spent about 20 hours on a Cat 304.5, about a 10.5K machine. It was too big for our needs, but sounds like the ideal size for you. They no longer produce the machine as the 304CR has replaced it, but even as it was an older machine it was still a good performer and I would assume that the 304CR would be all of that machine and more being a couple years newer. I've heard Deere's new 50D is a nice machine, but I never got a chance to demo, the Deere dealer up here never returned my calls.
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    The KX121-3 is Kubota's popular machine. 4 ton. No CDL required.
    They come with a thumb bracket and have a hydraulic angle blade and Auto Idle option too.

    Norfolk Power Equip in Wrentham, MA has a couple available.

    KX121-3 info

    As much as I like that machine, the money around me being spent on land clearing and septics is in bigger machines. Not Mini-X's.
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    My TB53 is a 12K machine. We pull it around with a 3500 or 5500 truck. We install septic systems with no problems. However we have to have the tanks set (which sucks) with a truck as we cannot lift some of them. Your situation was similiar to mine. I initially wanted a 18K machine and at times I wish I had gotten one. You may be needing to find a used 590-410 backhoe to pickup the slack your miniex can't handle. It would probably be the cheapest alternative. Depending on what your using to tow with may not have to upsize your vehicles to do it.
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    I would go with a 307 or similar size because u already have the 331, as far as needing a bigger trailer even if u go with a 10 or 12 thousand pound machine u will need a bigger trailer. A 331 seems very small to be doing septic work. I have a 312 and its a great size. Dont forget if you buy a 10 or 12K pound machine u still need a class a liscense to pull it. Any thing over 10K pounds requires a class a.
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    This is somewhat irrelavant but if you decide to upgrade and sell the 331 pm me, I'm always on the lookout for a latemodel mini.
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    You are right about the 331 being to small for septic. I have rented a 315 recently and that was the balls. A little big for the site I was on. I may bump up to a little larger machine for the general stuff for the time being and just rent the 315 when I need it until more work kicks in. I had forgotten about the over 10K LB restriction for towing, another obstacle to consider! It's always something. Thanks for everyone's help on this.
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    I honestly think a 307 would be your best bet. If you have the desire to do larger jobs don't let the CDL get in your way, just go take the test and jump up to a bigger machine. If I was going to be doing alot of excavation work I wouldn't buy anything less than a 307 and a 312 is probably what I'd end up buying.
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    Anything over GVW of 10,000 Lbs requires DOT Numbers
    26,001 Lbs and above requires CDL's

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