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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by RAlmaroad, Aug 21, 2012.

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    I've got to put in a French Drain around a semi-circular set of steps. These steps are wide and uncovered and when it rains heavily, the water has no where to go except to seep into a basement where the steps join the main house.
    I have to use the schedule 40 perforated pipe instead of the flexable black. Could someone correct my thinking as follows: 1. Dig a drain ditch 18" deep and 2' wide. 2. Lay down 6 mil plastic along bottom and up the step side to bottom of the steps. (The steps are on a deep footing allowing water to seep into a basement). 3. Fill the ditch with 6-8" of 1.5" gravel. 4. Lay in pipe that has been cut and joined back together with 45degree fittings pitching the pipe at 1/4"/Foot or 1" for every 4'. 5. Cover pipe with 1' of gravel. 6.Cover Gravel with landscape fabric. 7. Add a little sand over the fabric and finally resod.

    Never done a curved drain before so I'm planning to pitching it to one side and routing the under ground solid drain to daylight about 8' away.

    Would appreciate any comments, suggestions or critiques.
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    I would be below the level of footing, but not underneath the footing for my hole... with fabric sloping away from the basement in all directions, I put down baseball size stones, covered with 1.5 inch river rock covered with fabric then using more riverrock to hold the fabric and be used as the first step... I don't believe in the pipes' ability to collect enough water from the surrounding area w/out letting plenty go by... I eliminate every drop... :)

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