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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by 29 Palms Property Management, May 14, 2006.

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    I was just tooling around on the University of Florida pesticide information site and checking out the regulations and rules for the state of FL. What I'm reading is I need a license to apply any kind of pesticide and herbicides to turf and ornamentals. Right? First question: Does this include just a basic Turf-Builder granular application? So I can't lay down Turf-Builder with Fire Ant Killer?
    I was looking at the qualifications to obtain a license in Fl to do this, just out of curiosity, and holy crap!
    -3 years employment as a service employee of a licensed pest control company,
    -a degree in entomology, horticulture, agronomy or related field, and so on......!
    Is this the norm. for such a license? But I can go to the local nursery and buy this stuff all day long and apply it to my lawn with no license?
    Just curious. Sorry for all the questions. I just want to be clear on this issue.
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    Where is Rick when we need him....
    He will set you straight

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    you CANNOT apply ANY pesticide to a lawn or ornamental without a liscence if you are for hire.
    You can apply almost anything to your own lawn or ornamentals.
    In Fl you can take whats called a limited liscence you only need to take a test
    but you can only apply with a backpack sprayer and to ornamental plantings no turf.
    You do not need a liscence to apply fertilizer.
    you DO need an l and O liscence to apply fertilizer mixed with an insecticide and or preemergent and or postemergent etc.

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