Need Commercial 48 inch mower belt drive

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by sbernab, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. sbernab

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    I am a recent new house buyer who has almost 2 acres. My Simplicity tractor just doesn't cut it.

    I'm looking for thoughts on Husqvarnas, Exmarks, and Ferris 48 inch belt driven models. They all seem real similar but I haven't seen too many Husky or Ferris mowers on commercial trailers so I hesitate. Lots of Scags but might be overkill for 1 hour of use a week. Thanks
  2. ACER

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    I recently started a part time commercial lawn service, I was lucky enough to find a 1 year old Exmark Metro HP 48'' cut in excellent condition. I will say this is the best cutting mower I have ever used. And I have used a number of them from MTD, Crapsman, John Deere, Honda, etc. The mower was set up to mulch when I got it and did an excellent job. I just changed it over to side discharge and it still does an excellent job. Also you will not find better customer service than Ex-mark, if you have any questions about Ex-mark post them on their board on this site. Good luck
  3. dwost

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    Hi Sbernab, I was in a similar situation. Here is the link to my post on what I researched and my final decision. In a nutshell, I wanted to find a mower in the 3k range that I would have no issues reselling when I decide to get rid of it. I ended up with a Gravely 1548, belt drive, floating deck with a 15hp Kawi. I have no regrets as this machine does a beautiful job and is built like a tank. Good luck with your decision.
  4. heybruck34

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    I have a SCAG 48 belt drive and love it. It's got the 14 Kawisaki on it and I run double blades and cut in 4th gear with a velke at all times. I never have to double cut unless the grass is over two weeks tall. I can't believe I cut grass in high school for spending money using a MTD lawn tractor when this thing used cost the same cash and twice the time. Unbelievable.

    Seriously. for homeowner use any commercial unit will work fine. You can learn a lot by searching the Commercial Forum but those guys use theirs more in a week than we will all year. Basically it all comes down to having a dealer you trust and finding a machine that works well for your habits/taste/style.

    Simplicity and durability is something I valued and I found it in SCAG. Nothing to complicated about levers and pistol grips once you sit down and look at it.

    Good Luck...

  5. dwost

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    here is a shot after I finished my yard last night with the 48" Gravely.
  6. dwost

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    One more

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