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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Poncho25, Jul 28, 2006.

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    Well, I was contacted by a company that has been seeing my truck around, and they said they liked the jobs I have been doing on the local residents and loved the name... well this will be my 1st commercial bid and I really could use some assistance. I met with the property Mgr today and she and I hit it off. I put together a drawing of the layout and have attached some pictures. They want everything taken care of by one company. So this includes all their shrubs, checking their irrigation and making sure all zones are working, keeping plants in top shape and replacing them as needed if they do end up dieing, (their last guy would just leave dead bushes in their beds) adding mulch when needed and an initial clean up of the back parking area that has a chain link fence with allot of overgrowth, picture also will be attached. On their shrubs, non of them are over 2 feet in hight, most of the higher ones are Ind. Hawthorn, the rest not 100% sure what they are (see attached photo). The picture i did does not represent a true count of how many shrubs there are, but they are very small, maybe 1 foot in hight and about 12 inch wide..?

    So Please, 2 things need help with. I need some help with the numbers for the 1st cleanup of the back area (see photo ClearingCom1 thru 3) and reg maintenance.





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  2. J Hisch

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    Mowing and trimming edging, blowing 35.00-45.00 per visit

    Shrubs two time a season, 150.00 per time you can fly through those small one and clean up will be simple.

    The clean up looks like a good day for 2 men and some light hauling will be involved 1350.00 for a days labor and some hauling 1 load each additional load 100.00 bucks.
  3. Splicer

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    Yuppers! That is a really GREAT name IMHO!!!
  4. topsites

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    You're fixing to get took for a ride.
    It is my advice to you, don't fool with commercial contracts until you have at least 4 years under your belt.
    You do what you want, but don't say I never hailed fair warning.

    Yeah, likely if I had this contract I would do far worse because these people are cheap, they want the absolute lowest bidder to do the most excellent job, no matter what you bid, they want 10 times what you can give them, you will get Thwooooooaaaaacked.
  5. Poncho25

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    Don't leave me hanging like this with a comment like that, please explain why you think I will be taken for a ride?

    The total mowing sq ft is around 3645 sq.ft, total hedges around 466 sq ft, If i was to charge lets say by the SQFT say around .22 cents per sq ft, that would be around 81.00 per visit just for mow, trim, edge, blow. Hedges I can blow right through them cause of how small they are say around 200 each time and trim them up at least once every two months, the sprinker system i figured to just turn them on and check each zone would be a flat rate of 55. If service needed to be done charge would be 75 per hour plus parts. Now if i need to replace any of the plants it would be marked up 60% above my the only thing i really need, is how to break this down to one flat charge pretty much that would cover the costs of mostly everything if it should arise, or am I way off the ball park on this one? Come on guys, you are out there, please assist :confused: I have another commerical bid coming up soon also, its a condo complex, I know two members on the board and they are getting me in to do a bid as the guy who does it now does a crappy job and he gets around 1400.00 a month for it!
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    I am not good at bids since I am not the salesperson but this looks like a very small home. Homes have twice that footage and those bushes look very very small and doubt if they will grow much the first year. And I would assume in Tampa you have a lot of competition. So the $80 is high to begin with and the $200 is very high. You have got to get them to tell you how many cuts first, and how many sprinkler check, and how ofter they want bushes trimmed, etc etc. A good commercial property would have a bid package and in lieu of that ask them for a copy of the present contract. You want to be sure you are only bidding the same stuff that a competitor would bid.
  7. topsites

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    For a hands-on account of what is going to happen (or something along these same lines), please see this thread:

    Nothing but trouble, the whole lot of them want you to do at least double whatever you have in mind, so regardless of what you quote them, you will have more than you can deal with. Do NOT let the money cloud your judgement :laugh:

    That property manager, the president, all those people are fools who know nothing about running a business.
    Case in point: If the transmission of a Home Depot truck breaks, which employee pays for that? Answer: None of them, the corporation writes a check, but who is that, who cares, who signs it, who are you going to take to court, who's arse are you going to kick when something goes wrong?
    If the transmission on your truck fails, who pays for it? Answer: You do, it is your arse that gets kicked if something goes wrong.

    There is a big difference when someone is ultimately responsible, when a you or I is held fully accountable, dollar for dollar, an expense comes straight out of their pocket as compared to managers and supervisors and other figure heads who may feel very important but in the end are really just glorified employees.

    To me, commercial contracts are mainly geared for large Lco's with employees consisting of a fleet of trucks and trailers, I for myself will never fool with any commercial property unless it is PWNED by one person, and I mean pwned.
  8. martinfan06

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    Okay poncho Ill try to help and give you what I would do off of what you've given us (which is pretty good w/the diagram).1st that clean-up ain't going to be easy,Im thinking 4-6hrs @40-50$ 1 time charge. 2nd the mulch by my guesstimate probably 12 yrds(nursery yard)@ 60$ =720$ and would bid to do 3 times a year(or every 4 months)2160 for the year@180$ per month.3rd Regular maintenance I agree w/ you on aprox 75$ a month. Now the irrigation "I" wouldn't charge just to make sure it was working while I'm already there. Then if there was a problem that I could fix I would just add it to the invoice for that month.I would do the same w/ the plants also because it would be imposable to come up w/a number you don't know how many will die if any? same w/irrigation. So in that "I would" have a bid of 260$ a month(rounded up) w/quarterly re mulching and reg maintenance,supervision of irrigattion and landscape. Make sure they understand that if problem arises it will be extra cost, and would actually same them $$$ that away.

    Hope this helps you but you probably thought about the same just want to make sure:weightlifter: ,always good. Glad to see your really taken off in your 1st season thats great man keep it up and good luck.:weightlifter: :clapping:
  9. Poncho25

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    BRO!! Thanks!! This is around the same area I was thinking, and by you stating it, sorta shows me where I need to go and what I need to leave out, Thanks for the great tips on the irrigation as well as the mulch and plant replacement prog. This is going to help me out 100%. THanks!!!! I owe YOU!! A :drinkup: :drinkup: :drinkup:
  10. martinfan06

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    No problem man gald I could help, gonna hold ya to that:drinkup: :laugh:

    Be glad gardnerlandscaping didn't try to help you would had to go to college for 8yrs to be smart enough to come up with that plan yehaw! I like nascar they go fast yehaw!

    couldnt resist sorry

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