need contract help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by johnson s lawn care, Jan 28, 2004.

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    42 years old and my first stab at going all the way with my lawn bizz. i have been cutting about 40 yards a week since i started now i want to go legal and grow. if somebody out there would help me with the contracts for the ohio area or tell me were i can download free samples it would help me and my family.

    THANKS AND GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!:blob2:
  2. Grass King

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    Do a search for "contracts" their will be all kinds of samples you can make a copy of.
  3. Qdriver

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    What is your email address and I will send you the one I will be using. I pieced it together from various shared contracts from members of this site.
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    Do you do comm or res. I don't require a contract for res just a signed agreement.
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    Hi Johnsons Lawn Care,

    Here is another post that has a sample contract for you.

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