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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by RPM1, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. RPM1

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    This is going to be my second season of mowing grass i currently only have 2 commercial properties to mow and maintain , i also plow snow in the winter i am having an issue on pricing mowing jobs, i always seem to be to expensive, seems like in order to get the job i am mowing grass just to say i am mowing grass anybody have any suggestions on how to price out jobs?:hammerhead:
  2. daveintoledo

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    Hi neighbor......are you only concentration on commercial properties, or are you after residential also......Ohio has one of the most depressed economies in the country....

    could it be somethign besides the price?..... are you completly legit, that has alot to do with getting commercials....

    some really good folks here, from Ohio too.... :)
  3. daveintoledo

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    what you are charging, ....

    have you really looked at your numbers, found your true cost of doinb business, and gone from there to see what you need to charge to be profitable,

    if so, is there some way you can decrease your cost of doing business to get a profit margin out of what your market prices are....

    people may be suprised to find out what prices are in this state, thats one of the reason i concentrate on residentials, the older folks in small towns.....
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    Ohio is a very tricky market. We have had to spend much more money than we first budgeted to accumulate a good client-list.

    Utilize the Auditor's site often. It is your friend.

    ALL your printings need to be emaculate to set you apart from the insane amount of FBNr's we have.

    Stay away from trying brand-awareness methods because Ohioans don't give a darn about service branding.

    The commercial market is much more impressive financially for maintenance accounts. Have your bids in by December to accumulate these. Remeber that Ohio is an industrial hub, so commercial is the market.
  5. RPM1

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    of course i am legit i guess that what i am trying to say is i do well with my snow removal acct. that are commercial, last year i decided to try my hand at mowing i am doing this part time as of now but really want to go full time this next year. just want to be competive when handing in bids
  6. daveintoledo

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    if you get some really good acounts they are the best contracts... but is so bad here with the unscrupulous competition, i think the prices for the commercial market have dropped considerably, (around here)....but if you get a few good ones........:) as far as the industrial hub, most of OUR industries are closing down.. or have closed...

    sounds like your on the right track....wasnt trying to insult you about the legit part, but i have seen some folks not getting comercial accounts on this board, and not realizing they were not getting them because they where not insured......hope we can help you out here....

    im new to the snow removal part, we are kind of reversed, ill have a million questions reguarding that later.....:drinkup:

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