need dependable leafblower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2rkae, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. 2rkae

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    What is hands down the most dependable backpack leafblower on the market today. I here about the stihls, I heard you cannot beat Kawasaki or the Maruamama for longivity just not as powerful. Are Red maxx as good as they were or shindy. I do not care about price or the most powerful I want it to last for years....I am interested in newer models how long has the br600 been out?
  2. PerfectEarth

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    I could never complain about the BR600. Run a good mix, use 89 octane gas, and keep the filter and plugs good. I don't even choke mine anymore. It just starts.

    If you have any issue, it's gonna be the carb. But then you just run and slap a new one on for 40$ and the blower is good as new.
  3. nvc0117

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    Just get a STIHL...
  4. Alan0354

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    I have the Maruyama BL8100 which is the same as Kawi KRB750. Love it. It is light, easy to start, 30 seconds max cold warmup and relatively quiet compare to all the other big blowers, might not be as strong as the Shindaiwa EB802. Yes, it has be around for a while already. The engine is Kawasaki TK65 which is used in other brands like the JD big bp and some brands in Europe. It is the cheapest of all the big blowers, you can get it at $420 or even lower.

    Shindaiwa EB802 is out for 3 years and no complain here.

    Oh I forgot, the Shindaiwa EB633 which is the Echo PB755 is as bullet proof as it can be also and has been around for a long long time.

    Do a search, there are plenty of blower threads, you can spend a day reading it. But that would be a good way to learn the history of those blowers.

    I would not buy a new model, I'll wait at least over two years to let others do the field trials. There are bombs out there when people rush to a new one. I think you are wise not get too hung up on the baddest blower. It is always a balance of reliability, weight, power and cost. Something always has to give in my opinion. That was the reason I chose my Maruyama.
  5. G. Ramey

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    The oldest piece of equipment I own is a shindaiwa EB630 back pack blower. I have had it 8-10 years I guess. I am notorious for not taking care of my equipment. This thing sits on my trailer year round. It looks like junk. It's all faded and the straps have rotted and are only held together by duct tape. I have never done any maintenance to it, not even a spark plug. I couldn.t tell you if it has an air filter. Despite all of that it still cranks on the third pull every time. I would put money on it starting on the third pull. If I was going to buy a blower it would be a shindaiwa. An eb630 if I could find one.
  6. mowerbrad

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    The BR600 has been out for a number of years and has proven itself to be a very reliable blower. The BR600 Magnum has made the BR600 even better. I think it is the most comfortable blower, its also fuel efficient and pretty quiet.

    Get the BR600 magnum and be done with it.
  7. RSL

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    Echo 770 best blower out there

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