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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Drew Gemma, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Drew Gemma

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    What do I need to look ffor an dwhat options upgrades are needed money is not really a concearn this is a buy it and forget about it cause I need it.
    Torsion axels
    V nose?
    Side gate?
    Axel ratings?
    7ft or 8 ft.?
    I need 18 ft in length
    Give me all you previous experiences and knowledge!
    Thanks guys

    MOW PRO LAWN SERVICE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    7 or 8.5 width v noses are nice but it's a lot of tounge weight,hercules are good, i have haulmarks what dealer is local.
  3. TPLawnPro

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    I am on my second enclosed trailer. While I evacuated during Hurricane Katrina last year, I drove to Fayetville, Georgia with the intention of purchasing a new trailer.

    I purchased a brand new Haulmark w/ the V-nose.
    16 x 7, Tandem Axles, Rear Ramp Door, Side Door, Roof Vent.

    Since I experienced great service with Trimmer Trap products in my previous trailer, I just went ahead and Trimmer Trapped this new trailer.

    A buddy of mine is going to be putting in very thin, steel tread-plate flooring to protect the wood underneath. Once again, that's how it was in my last trailer, and it worked out great.

    The only thing different about this trailer is that it is white; the other one was black. White is more difficult to keep clean.

    Don't worry about the V-nose creating added weight. I can't tell the difference between having it versus not having it. I had a Nose Cone on the last trailer. But the V-Nose on this one definitely helps with fuel economy.

    If you are going to be hauling a V-Nose trailer with one of America's "Big Three" Heavy Duty trucks, then there's really nothing for you to worry about. Just use good ole' common sense when placing your load throughout the trailer. Another words, don't pile up sandbags a mile high in the V-nose section of the trailer, and not have proportionate weight over your axles.

    Oh, and torsion axles are a definite plus and provide a smooth tow under lite or heavy loads.
  4. Eclipse

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    Torsion axles are my preference. Much smoother.

    I opted for a pair of 5200lb axles because my trailer empty weighs in at around 3700lbs. With a pair of 3500lb axles this would have made my payload only 3300lbs.

    Definitely 8 or 8.5 wide. 7 foot gets pretty narrow especially if you start hanging stuff on the walls.

    I have not owned a V-nose yet but that is the one thing I might order differently if I got a new trailer. I would like the little bit of extra added storage space.

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