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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by uniquellc, Mar 2, 2010.

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    We are venturing off and starting to bid some bigger commercial properties but having a hard time determining how to price them I have always bid around 50 dollars an acre does that seem reasonable or to under priced? also there are many shrubs to trim and not really sure how to price them out with so many usually i would price them by the shrub but there are to many and my price would be astronomical if anyone could point me in the right direction with this that would be great thank you.
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    You have to figure out how long it will take your crew to do a good job trimming the shrubs, and figure a price out that way.

    I separate the services into different weeks...sometimes off a 30 week schedule...

    Like week 1-Sprinkler Activation/repairs
    week 2 - cleanup with aeration
    week 3-28 full service mowing
    week 29 sprinkler blowout
    week 30 fall cleanup.

    And I'll give a seasonal price, broken down by services, dates of service and etc.

    If they want it, you must also take into consideration to the Irrigation Activation, with possible repairs in the proposal, along with the initial cleanup-(where I personally would also have any pruning/trimming done at the same time) I do all irrigation/repair work at an Hourly Rate, except for blowouts which is a price per zone basically.

    Also I only use Acreage bidding when the area is all flat and very large, I do that because different sites have different amounts of trimming, edging and cleanup needing to be done, so my acreage price would never be a set price...Otherwise I figure how long it would take, figure out what i need to make, and go from there.

    hope that helped a bit.
  3. uniquellc

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    Thank you for your response and yes there is a lot of edging at this complex probably about 4 hrs i just take my 50 per acre price and add a little more to make up the difference. just hope it all pans out

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