Need examples of surveys and letters.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by outrunjason, Sep 2, 2002.

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    I want to send out an end of year survey. Asking simple questions like how would you rate our service on a scale of one to 10 stuff like that.

    Also I want to send out a letter explaing that the season is comeing to the end and kinda let them know how fall clean-ups work.

    Anybody give me an example on these. I need one asap. I have done a search and didn't find much.

    Thanks, Jason
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    The best way to find-out about how your customers feel about your service, is to just call them. So many people/businesses today hide behind technology and/or impersonal letters, that a REAL phone call is unheard of.

    Set aside some time everyday, make a list of all your customers and start calling. Make the call very informal. Tell them you just wanted to make sure that they were happy with your service and ask them what you can do to serve them better. End the call with a sincere "Thank You" for their time. And mention that you also offer late summer and early fall services to get their lawn ready for winter. If they're interested, you can stop by to give them a quote.

    The more you can talk and meet with your customers, the more they will get to know you. And everyone knows that "people buy from people that they know."

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