Need Exmark TT advice - about to buy my 1st mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by YardCommander, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. YardCommander

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    I am trying to start a part time lawn care business. I have the opportunity to buy a 48" Exmark Turf Tracer with pistol grips and 15 hp Kohler engine for $850. Pics attached below. It appears to be in good condition, was wondering what advice/insight you all could provide. Is this a good buy for my first mower to compliment my 21" honda for any potential customers with gates? I was told it has no hour meter, and I forgot to ask the owner what year he purchased it. Any advice is appreciated before I embark on my 2.5 hour drive to go look at it.

  2. hrhlawn

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    That's a good deal I 2 got to Turf Tracers they are great that would be a huge improvement over a 21 but I don't think that's a turf tracer because it looks gear instead of Hydro think it's in Metro HP which is still a good mower
  3. banjoman

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    That's a darn good deal in my opinion, especially for a 48" floating deck WB. The good thing about those Belt-Drives, is if anything tears up its easy and cheap to repair. If it was a hydro and one of the pumps or motors went out, your talking big $$$$. Looks like it has a Pro-slide, which is a excellent sulky. That Kohler engine is a powerhouse, one of my favorite models. When you go look at it, I would check the following things: Check the deck spindles for any wobble or slack, Test drive it and check every gear, Inspect the engine, Airfilter, and the color of the oil(to see if he has actually serviced it). If all those things checks out and you like it, I say bring it home and put it to work. Good luck, hope my advice helps.
  4. sjessen

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    Do the metro's have a positive reverse or does one have to manually back the mower?
  5. Holland

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    I'd only do hydro turf tracer. Hate a belt.

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