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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by andyslawns, Jun 30, 2001.

  1. andyslawns

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    I have been looking at investing in a new mower. I have about 15 lawns, about 30 min a piece by myself. I have a 21" toro and a 22/44" craftsman. The craftsman is only 1 year old and went through t( hell been in the shop a dozen times). I am looking to buy a walkbehind under 3k. I dont have any experience buying a commercial mower. I was needing some advice what to buy. I am looking at either toro's, exmarks ,snappers or encore's. 36 or a 42 inch deck. SUGGESTIONS?????

    Thanks andy
  2. dmk395

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    You could buy an exmark metro 48" for $3099 with a full floating deck. I have two of them and feel they are a great mower. Also once you buy one plan on working a few less hours!
  3. Acute Cut

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    amen to that dmk395.
  4. joshua

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    dmk, god bless you for getting your 48 metro hp that cheap, i bought mine 3 years ago for $3,700 with the bag and mulch kit. i'm gunna take a geuss give or take 70 hours but their is about 600 hours on my machine and only 1 problem so far, it just got dirt in the carb. no big deal, taking it to get cleaned on monday morning.
    hey andy, lawnboy said it best in his new thread, buy a quality machine even if it costs more because it won't break down and last longer( it was something like that). you won't go wrong with the metro hp.
  5. oneEXMARKfan

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    Gave 3400.00 for my Metro last year.

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