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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by trinity1, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. trinity1

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    Need some feed back on different web design sites. Has anyone used and was it easy or hard to use to start a web site. Or can anyone recommend another site that is easy to use. I am going to try the design by myself but my computer skills are not that great. How much could one expect to spend doing it yourself or having someone do it?
  2. Team-Green L&L

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    If you have a $350 budget in place for a starter site you are in good shape and if you are interested in a good design I could probably help you.
  3. Jb3NH

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    I dabble in website and pictures and what not. From what i've seen 350 is about average for a 3 page site, and that doesn't include hosting. I built my site myself over the winter and it was alot of work.

    Check'er out it you like

    I built all the pictures whole thing with a pretty basic html editor. It took about month and a half pics included with some basic knowledge of HTML and Adobe...

    shoot me a line if i can be of assistance
  4. netmarketer

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    Hi Trinity,

    You can hire an offshore company from a freelance marketplace such as or A simple 4-7 page website including web design and development can run anywhere from 250-750. Depending on who you hire. Just remember you get what you pay for.

    Or you can do a google search for "landscaping website." I just did that search and found this site: Nice designs but just a word of warning. Make sure how much hosting service is. You'll need it and many companies that sell discounted web packages get you on the back end hosting. has great deals and very reliable.

    Hope that helps!


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