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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by robin 2, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. robin 2

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    Hey guys, I have a report to do for my business communication class that is due in two months. The topic that I am going to report on is theft in the Green Industry. If you would list what piece of equipment you have had stolen, I am going to take this information and make a graph over what gets stolen the most (in the last ten years). Please, list anything from hand pruners to your truck etc. I have done interviews with many equipment dealers around town and they have just as much trouble as we do keeping equipment from being stolen. I am also going to interview police officers and see what procedures they follow in order to catch the thief's. I have also been digging through the archives on this site for info. Please reply even if you have not had something stolen and tell about the security that you use. Let me know if you have another idea or topic that I could look up. I now theft is a big problem in our industry and hopefully I can gather enough info. to determine what is most likely to be stolen. Thanks in advance!
  2. JimLewis

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    Only thing that's ever ended up missing in my 8 years in this business was a Shindaiwa String Trimmer. Very likely employee theft because nobody else has access to our equipment or even know where we store it. Our stuff is stored in a big barn on a secure farm half a mile off of a country road. Dogs, a long driveway with no turn-arounds, and a farmer with a shotgun pretty much keep any would be intruders away.
  3. soccerlawn

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    I haven't lost anything big just a few rakes.
  4. Duncan Lawn Care

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    Honda Commercial 21" mower.
  5. airborne1

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    I had a 18' MacLander loader trailer stolen about 18 months ago and they still haven't found it. I don't know why something that size can't be found? 5,000.00 trailer unfortunately I lost some money only covered for ACV (actual cash value). It was still very new.
  6. airborne1

    airborne1 LawnSite Member
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    How about lazy employees wasting time or breaking everything under the sun.

    Would you consider that to be stealing???
  7. PLI1

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    Haven't had anything stolen. The biggest problem I have is employees losing or taking home screwdrivers, pliers, handpruners ect. My brother in law is a state cop and he says where his beat is there is a lot of equipment theft and what usually happens is employees steal the equipment with plans of starting their own business in the future.
  8. proenterprises

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    My Dad's biggest issue with his biz is handtools coming up missing. Most of the time, it is employees as well. However, a toolbox full of tools at the end of the week is only running at about 60% capacity. So yes, if they are taking it home, that is stealing.
  9. charlies

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    from earth
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    i went to an old employees house to get our shirts back (they were new, he quit 3 weeks into last season. what do you know, there's our missing weedwhacker. he said he was 'fixing' it.

    i can tell you what procedures the police follow. they take the report, and it goes into a pile, never to be perused again, unless it happens to turn up right under their nose on a call. they are too busy catching the elusive and dangerous pot smoker to concern themselves with larceny.
  10. dfor

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    In 12 years I only recall having a swiss army knife stolen. The only day I had a helper.
    I have an open trailer and lock things up with a 25' cable when I not near the equipment. I keep the trailer in my garage at night. I've been pretty lucky. Knock on wood.

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