Need firewood suppliers ASAP!

Discussion in 'Firewood' started by Kawizx62003, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. Reedo

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    This is what I am referring to. There are a lot of state lines in the US!
  2. Kawizx62003

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    Unfortunately, you assumed (incorrectly) from that post that I had planned to move firewood across state lines. This was a side project for me of partnering with firewood suppliers and selling their firewood online to people in their local area.
  3. Reedo

    Reedo LawnSite Senior Member
    Male, from S.E. Minnesota
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    Yes I did assume. My apologies. I have dealt with plenty of ignorant people who don't care whatsoever about moving firewood since it doesn't affect them and who's going to catch them.
  4. Hightowers

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    Buy a 32 ton splitter. Call you're local tree services and ask them if they need a place to dump their unwanted wood. If not check craigslist in the free catagory and search wood that is if you able and have the means for lifting wood. I work for a tree company, we always let people take wood. The main guy we drop it off to makes about 15-20k spliting and selling wood, he gets it all for FREE. Good luck!!!
  5. Yatt

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    That is fine and well for campfire wood, but people wanting high quality heating wood are going to choose hardwoods. Specifically red and white oak or hickory. I get wood from logging sites and take the log cut offs. They are very large and harder to handle, but are great firewood.

    Here is some I got from my logger buddies.



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  6. Southern Mulching of VA

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    I've got 24 cord on the ground but we can certainly step it up next year. Woods not a problem for us, it's finding enough buyers. I've probably sent 100 cord through the chipper this winter
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  7. big E W

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    we process alot of firewood have 60 cord split right now splitting more very week
  8. big E W

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    6 7 years ago we sold about 230 cord when home heating oil prices were high around 4 dollars a gallon our best year ever had 4 guys working 8 hour days all winter long
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  9. RDALawns

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    I have moved over 18 cords the last 2 months. And it's not cold yet. Wood isn't a problem for me. Buyers for the wood tends to be the problem. I cut only oak . White red and pin oak . IMG_20171114_072717.jpg IMG_20171007_094640.jpg IMG_20171011_165957.jpg IMG_20171120_151311.jpg

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