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Need Gas Blower advise

We have redmax and stihl blowers they both work get. I would say the redmax is better a little stronger. If price is a big part the sthil is a little cheaper around $ 325 or so .


LawnSite Senior Member
Coastal NH
We have Stihl and Echo. The Stihl BR400, we love. It's lightweight and extremely powerful. The Echo PB4600 is powerful but weighs about 5 lbs more. (seems like 20lbs) It has had smoking problems consistantly and will not buy another.


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hey curlawngreen,<p>where in central florida are you i am also in central florida<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida


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Mclean Va
I have 3 BR400/'s and they are nice. From what i have been told and what ive seen they are the lightest most powerfull blowers going. Most big companys around me use the echo PB-400E but i think its is a weak, heavy, dinosaur, but i have seen them fall off the back of trucks going 40 mph and then start right up. If your going to use it i would buy the stihl, if your going to have lots of different people use it buy the echo. Just my opinion good luck