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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DLS1, Sep 21, 2002.

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    Got a customer who wants a quote for trimming her overgrown large bushes ( 6 - 7 foot high) around her house. I need to buy a gas bush trimmer and don't want to spend alot of money since I don't think I will see many request for trimming bushes for yards I do. This is my first year.

    What is a good gas trimmer and price?

    How long of a cutting bar is good for small bushes and large bushes?

    Does $5 for small bush and $10 for large bush sound reasonable price to charge?

    Anything else to consider when buying a hedge trimmer?
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    if i were in your shoes i would buy a echo hca2400. this is the stick style clipper with an articulating (pivoting) clipper head. this is going to be 2-3 times more expensive then what you were probably considering but it is more then worth the extra cash. you can even reach things that are 10-12 feet high without using a ladder. here check it out

    plus the other styles are extremely tiring on your back. you will find in time that some people are going to expect you to be able to trim bushes, and if you can't then they will find someone who can. do you want to risk having another lco, one that is offering a more complete service, stepping into your customers lawn and possibly stealling your customer to boot?

    i have a hc-2410, that has a single sided 40" bar. i've only used 2-3 times in over a year. bars that long in my opinion are only good for large square bushes. the hca2400 has a double sided 20" bar. but is by far more versitile and faster.

    personally i figure 10 min per small-medium bush, 15-20 min for something requiring a ladder, 25 min for intricate topiaries. those times should give you enough time so your not rushing. add it up and multiply it by your desired rate.
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    What ever hedge trimmer you buy, go with a commercial duty trimmer(that is if you plan to stay in this business for a while). I have been using an ECHO HC1600 dual sided 24" for the past 5 years with no problems. Although you may not have much need for these hedge trimmers now(this being your 1st year in business) you will almost definetly need them if you expand business. And if you really don't want to spend the cash right now, you can always get a pair of good manual clippers for under a $100.(these work well on small bushes or large ones, it just usually takes me longer to complete the large jobs)
  4. We use echo and stihl hedge trimmer both are excellent trimmers .Have both kinds hand held 20 inch and the extended 2400 echo's

    Echo sthil and shindawa are excellent and although i dont have experience with em a lot of guys on this forum love red max.

    As far as price we charge 75$ a man hour the clock starts when we start trimming on the first bush and stops when we rake up the last clipping when cleaning up.
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    I would rent one for the first few jobs. That way you can get a couple of choices to try while still making money. Pass the rental cost on to the customer, get your $ for the shrubs you may find as I did AFTER buying an echo articulating head trimmer that tall shrubs are still a pain in the back. I pass on them when they come up, unless it is a REAL good customer.
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    Defiantely charge by the man hour from the second you show up to the second your done cleaning up. Also I tack on an hour for disposal if i have to take away the clippings

    I just bought an Echo HC-150 was $300 or so. Worked alot nicer than anything you could get at Home Depot or Walmart.
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    Another option you may consider is getting an add-on hedge trimmer head for your string trimmer. Most manufacturers make them. You just pull the string head off and bolt the hedge trimmer on.

    This will save you money while you are getting started and the extended reach of this set up over a conventional trimmer will save you a lot of effort on those big bushes!


  8. SLS

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    I saw a guy the other day who was actually trimming some hedges with a string trimmer. Beautiful! I guess he couldn't decide which hedge trimmers to purchase either. :D

    I use Redmax CHT-2200's. They are double-sided and are 22". Very nice but... a bit pricey. Demo several different brands and styles to see what meets your needs.....and budget. Good luck deciding! :)
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    You might not have a need to own a hedge trimmer. Rent on for a day. $25.00 compared to $300.00

    If you are set on buying on. Go to Lowes by that Weed Eater 22". I think its like 119.00. I had one when I first started out. Works good for the $. I think I got three years of life out of it.

    Good Luck My Friend
  10. Albemarle Lawn

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    Same thing as Lowe's or wal-mart "Weed Eater" brand.

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