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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by perkMOW, Feb 22, 2007.

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    first i would like to start by letting everyone know that i have been on the site browsing and taking in information for a while now. i found the site while searching for some good ideas for starting my own lawn maintenace and landscaping company. i have worked in this field off and on since i was old enough to legally work. i started part time with my cities street dept. for two summers between college, i was also a part time employee for the cities school dept. maintaining their new football facility, seperate soccer facility, and baseball fields. i have always had a passion working outdoors and enjoy the "what seems to be" freedom. After finding this site i also found this forum, hardscaping seems to be a sout after service in my area but after checking around there wasn't that many companies that specialize in this line of work. So after doing tons of research and spending a lot of time reading forums i have decided that i would want to focus more on the hardscaping side of the business and also do the lawn maintenace on downtime.

    with all of that being said i wanted to ask everyone on here for some good and professional advice on starting my own buisness. i know that it is hard to get going and may take some time but currently i am working for a local company taking care of their spare parts for presses that are built on location. i know in my heart that once the good wheather starts coming in it will drive me crazy being stuck inside when i know my abilities could allow me to make money on my own. if there are any of you that could help me with some pointers or advice that could get me started atleast part time on my own please let me know. at this point i know i am capable of getting the ball rolling i am just not wanting to step out of a definate paycheck and then have to hang my head in shame finding someone else to work for again. this is something that i think i was born for and i would love to add to this amazing trade. Please help me... pointers, advice, info, what should and shouldn't be done. i will take in anything and everything.

    thanks for your time.
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    find someone in your area who will take you on part time or on weekends to learn the trade. hardscaping is not something you can just pop up and start doing. You can, but refer to the worst jobs ever thread to see where you'll be. as for the lawn maintenance, anybody with a truck and some mowers can do that as long as you are prompt and give customers good service.
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    One thing is, you can't just do lawn maintenance on downtime. If you're planning on having regular customers you will have to stick to a schedule. Take the advice above and learn with someone else before jumping right in.
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    thanks for the replies, thats the line i was thinking of going but after looking around it doesn't seem like there are too many to choose from around here. i could be wrong. i'll do some more searching, hopefully there is a good one out there that can show me the ropes. i understand that you can't just walk into hardscaping, it's not having the knowledge it's also having the experiance. thats what i need most and will look for in a buisness around here.
    thanks again.

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