need good ammo for next year


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central Indiana
I could use some good ammo in the form of general information to give my customers when they ask why I have raised the mower decks at the beginning of July. I usually give them the basic "So the lawn stays healthy and doesn't burn up too quickly in a period of dry weather" What other reasons can I put in my arsenal??? I live in Central Indiana. Lots of different grasses. I would say mostly say bluegrass. Thanks to all in advance!!!!!


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I have the cut height problem with a few of my customers.

I am the final word on cut height. if the grass is unkept, or too tall, I cut on my machines highest adjustment. which is also happens to be where I keep it for my own yard.

the minimum cut height I'll make is the top height minus TWO spacers on the front casters. period.

I just tell it like it is. so far, haven't lost anyone to height of cut.



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Muskogee OK
Consider checking with your state ag university. They have a lot of research-aided material you can throw @ the customer. Layout a general 2-sided, 2-color page with aeration, dethatching, cut-height and blade information. This will aid in educating them and showing them you have "institutional" information to backup your claims for overall maintenance. Also, I doubt very seriously if your competition has done this. It's all part of your image too!!!


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stanfield nc
I know this is not what most do but
I have found it better to cut lawn at
hieght customer wants after I have explained
the benefit of leaving it long.
Some times there right as with the lady
whose house is built on a hill that turns
out to be part of dam.The exception is those
who just want it shaved.I just dont mow it.


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When I worked for a different company we would tell them that cutting the grass lower than we were cutting would make the grass more susceptible to the diseases which were going around that year. I usually tell them that cutting higher will prevent burn out and if they won't listen I tell them I will cut it lower and pretend to adjust the cutting height and just cut the same hieght as usual. 9 out of 10 times they they believe it is lower and I don't here about it again. If they persist and are very dislikable customers I will lower the deck 2 washers and burn the crap out of there lawn. That usually teaches em. I don't like to do that though cause then I can't mow for a few weeks.


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Ontario, Canada
cst 51 I regularly take pics of all the lawns I do and also of some that other people do. All you have to do is show them the scalped ones and what they look like in the heat and then show them your's and it's nice and green. This also works to gets customers onto your Fertilizer program too. I have some really good pics of a sunburnt sand based lawn that I show customers. I have a pic of another lawn that I fertilized regularly and it looks so green, it's an easy sell. Remember a pic is worth a thousand words.


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I am not here
We state on our maintenance agreements " mow of all lawn areas to maintain an optium height of 3-3 1/2". We are located in Northern NJ. But you can accomodate clients by having seasonal heights. Early Spring/Spring , Summer, Early Fall, Final visit


If it becomes a "time issue" factor in a small fee in the charge into the new season.