need grass to grow on clay and sandy soil

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeff_0, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. jeff_0

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    Can i just scrach up the soil with a detatcher, aerate and it'll be ok or would i need to add a little bit of top soil. The customer wants a guarentee that it'll grow. So i need to make sure what ever i do it comes out right. PLEASE HELP!
  2. SodKing

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    You can grow grass on asphalt if the client waters it enough. Golf greens are made of sand, some lawns have heavy clay deposits, all lawns are different. Scarifying and Aerating will increase the sites that a seed can germinate in, cover it with Penn mulch or hydroseed it. The determining factor will be how properly your client waters the lawn.
  3. CottonPatch

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    In Louisiana, we see this problem alot. I have been sussessful by aerating really good and then applying a soil conditioner such as gypsum. This keeps the clay from packing back down so hard. We then put a layer of topsoil and seeded and had great success.
  4. jeff_0

    jeff_0 LawnSite Senior Member
    from md
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    so just add gypsum and some topsoil and then seed and i should be good?
  5. sildoc

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    That all depends on how much money one wants to pay.....
    Now You can grow a lawn on asphault like mentioned before but the cost of maintenance is going to be very high.
    However if you do it right and rototill organic material into the original soil, then do a soil test to see what it is lacking. Then you would not have to add a small layer of topsoil.
    however this is expensive up front. the maintenance down the road is cheaper but the initial cost is higher.
    I would go with the latter. Pay up front and have a nice lawn or pay down the road to try to keep it nice.
  6. jeff_0

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    from md
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    there's only a couple areas that could be rototilled that other areas are mostly grass with little patches here and there thare haven't growned.... it's almost 25k sq ft for her prop. I'm charging $1900. i figurered that was enought to do it right. They only wanted to pay $1500 but i told them i won't go down any lower.

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