Need guidance for edging materials around patio

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Popper357, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Popper357

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    I have a customer who would like a bid for removing a few railroad ties from around his patio, since they are old and rotting fast, and to install some new type of edging around the patio. I am searching for ideas for this job and hoping to win the bid.
    I first thought to use landscape timbers, but they are going to be much smaller than the spaces left from the ties so I would like to review more options first. I could use the big 6x6 timbers and am leaning towards this for now.
    Here's a couple pics of the site, measures 8'3" wide x 18'3" long, rr ties are 9" wide. there's two ties in the middle of the long run that will leave a wide track.
    Patio's pretty old and beat up but still usable, homeowner wishes to keep this and limit expenses.
    Anyone have suggestions for the materials to use here? There's not much else used on the property as far as flower beds and edging so I could use anything and still fit in, basically.
  2. Popper357

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    I guess I could see if the client would like newer rr ties, but he may be more impressed with another modern option. Just can't think of many right now...
  3. clc2003

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    How about getting a bed edger and putting some landscaping around the patio and don't do an edge at all. I thing that u could make a small bed with some barberries or spirea and some mulch and it would look much better. In fact, it might make it look better since it would hide that eyesore of a patio.

    Good luck
  4. RedWingsDet

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    if you take those old ones out, you might disrupt the base and have the patio start to fall on you, and then have to do a new patio for him for free, which is perhaps what he wants... tell him 3500 and your will install alan block for edging, and new pavers being incased in the AB along with 2 steps (one on each side)... if you did that your materials wouldnt even be a grand and it should only take 2.5 days TOPS. could do it in one day if you had all the materials onsite
  5. Popper357

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    Thanks fellas, those are some good ideas.
    I am going to talk with him tom. and either steer him away from new edging or into a whole new patio. This gentleman wants to sell the house in a year so I bet he's not interested in pumping much money in it and instead wants to do quick easy fixes. Not exactly an ideal customer but I'll try to make some money and help him somehow.
    Thanks again

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