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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MARYLANDMOWER, Jul 5, 2003.


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    I have a 60" Lazer w/ 26 HP EFI Motor. It has a miss, been going on for some time now. Only has about 180 hours on it. Now whenever I accelerate, it sputters and will also "die" out when mowing. Put in new plugs, Checked wiring harness for moisture, pretty sure not a fuel problem. Any suggestions?????? Please help, can't afford to be without the Lazer!!!
  2. Lawn Tek

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    Clean o 2 sensor in rubbing acohol / clean wire brush .
  3. Keith

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    You are going through the same thing I am :( Mine is in the shop right now and they can't find anything wrong with it. Mine has just over 100 hours and has been doing it since 40 hours or so. It spits, it sputters, it bogs in medium grass and when accelerating out of a turn. It stinks of half-burnt fuel. If you run it wide open, no load, you can here a miss, but no one else seems to see it :eek:

    MARYLANDMOWER LawnSite Member
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    Lawn Tek,
    Where is the O2 Sensor???
  5. MOW ED

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    Have them check the fuel pump.
    The only problem I ever had with mine was a bad fule pump. The screen was too fine and it burned out. Sounds like a similar situation but I may be wrong.
    It actually was a Bosch problem and it was fixed for free.

    Let us know.
  6. Keith

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    I was getting ready to post a thread myself about my EPS issues, but had decided to wait it out a few more days. I'll go ahead and just put what I had written here.

    I finally took my EPS Lazer back in for service last Monday. For those of you who don't know about the troubles I have had with it, it basically loses power randomly, pours out black smoke, stinks of half-burnt fuel and generally runs like ****. It started running rough at about 40 hours. It would hesitate after a turn as you tried to speed back up. There were times where it seemed to run much better and I questioned if there was anything wrong with it. But when it got bad, you knew there was.

    Last week at about 100 hours it pretty much fell on it's face several times, almost to the point of stalling. So I decided it was time to take it in. I really did not have much confidence in any local Exmark dealers being able to figure out what was wrong with it on the first try, but figured I had to start somewhere.

    Several people on Lawnsite suggested it might be a ground problem. I emailed someone at Exmark and they suggested I talk to someone at Kohler. A guy at Kohler suggested I mention to the dealer to install a "supplemental ground kit # 24 755 134-s" . He also suggested checking and cleaning the existing grounds. This sounded like we might be on to something :) Of course while checking the fuel pump ground something goes wrong. The damn nut acts like a pinch nut :confused: It's not, it's either cross-threaded or something, because it proceeds to strip the ground stud on the pump :angry: So when I drop the mower off, I give them this info about the screwed up stud and the ground kit and leave hoping to see my primary machine back in a couple days...fixed.

    I get a call at 4:00pm Thursday from the dealer informing me that they have found nothing wrong. They said they let it run for an hour out behind the shop and it didn't miss a beat. Is that standard testing procedure? :dizzy: The mechanic informs me that it has a code 34 stored, but that could be several things. In that case I would have to say ...there is something wrong with it! The mechanic tells me the supplemental ground kit is for older machines. You walk a fine line between suggesting fixes and looking like a smartass. I'll let it ride out a few more days and we will see what happens.

    I am back to using my Y/K ZTMax as a primary machine. It is not at 100% and is slowing me down greatly. I don't like the idea of having $10k lawn mower sitting doing nothing, but I see no other choice. I am not mad with anyone yet, but I can see it coming. Kohler has been pretty helpful with the limited contact I have had with them. Exmark as always listens. And the dealer I am sure would like to see it fixed. I do not have time to be the middle-man however. It is not my job to run back and forth between parties to try to create my own fix.

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    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel your frustration!!
  8. r.eckley

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    i had about the same prob. with my 26efi . I finally noticed when i would go full throtle it would really run bad but run pretty good at 3/4 throtle I finally found the wire going to the oxygen sensor would get pinched on throtle linkage on top of thro. body
    You might check to see its not caught on anything.
  9. Green Pastures

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    Sounds like an Exmark problem and not a Kohler problem.

    I have a Kohler 26HP EFi on my walker and not a single problem with it.
  10. MJM

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    Have you checked to make sure its running on both cylinders?
    Start it up and pull one plug off, then repeat with the other side. This could tell you if you have a bad ignition module. If its running on 1 cylinder it will seem "normal" until you put a load on it.


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